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  1. SireDolph


    So how do batteries and generators work? Like I've played since release but did it change? My batteries dont charge anymore when inside my backpack I need an outside source..
  2. SireDolph

    Supporting Mac/OSX

    Its on steam
  3. Honestly there should be at least a splitscreen, i connect with my brothers via video games and i dont have a 2nd console to play with them and we all adore this game :c
  4. SireDolph

    Base Ideas

    A) When building new items attached to your pod they always happen to build at different heights, could there be a preset height or a way to control their heights? B) Being able to deconstruct things you build with maybe half your resources back? Quite annoying when you build a derp rover, doesn't work so you build another and what do you do with the last one? C) Fallen space hulls should be able to morphed into temporary homes. D) Inflatable homes to hide in sandstorms? E) Places to actually park vehicles and set docks to charge them :)) Great game devs, love it and looking forward to seeing it progress! Supported yall w my purchase ?. Make Astroneer everything No Mans Sky wasnt!
  5. SireDolph

    Idea: Enemies

    Well the game isn't Minecraft, its supposed to be more laidback. Weapons arent gonna be implemented most likely
  6. Its a laidback game, weapons are most probably a no..and let's keep it that way this game doesn't need pvp.
  7. I paid my 20 to support my boys ? but man after mining trips i happen to always lose my stuff because my storage falls through the world, ive lost so many items at this point that its super i play off xbox