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    Won't Fullscreen on Main Display

    Thread resurrection. Exact same issue Game's splash screen pops up on my primary display, however the game will load up on my second display. Not game stopping, just annoying. Is there a fix? Windows 10 Home 64 bit (1903) CPU: Intel i-7 4770K 3.4Ghz GPU: Nvidia Titan X Hybrid 12GB 9x series Primary display: Asus Predator XB240H 144hz via Display port Secondary display: Sony Bravia LCD 60hz via HDMI
  2. Pretty much as the title states. I finally made it to a moon orbiting the planet I'm on. Landed, wandered around, got back into the lunar lander to save and quit. Decided to take a break for a couple hours. Start up the game, select the save and the game just sits there. Loading circle spinning for eternity.