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  1. Yeah its been a while, I guess that solves the issue
  2. I've played on the same save since 1.0, and I've noticed a few bugs as the save aged. But this bug messed up a few of my bases, the terrain on all of the planets reformed to how they initially generated. The new terrain is rocky and unnatural, I had to dig out a few things, but most notably my Vesania base. I'm a steam player and this happened when I loaded into my save. I'll add more photos if it's necessary.
  3. These are great ideas, maybe we could have a new upgrade station that will let you upgrade your terrain tool and exo suit.
  4. I agree, the lamp that we already have just isn't bright enough.
  5. They added a packager in the 1.0 update, which does exactly that.
  6. All of these ideas are great! I posted similar ideas about GPS and observatory satellites. Maybe a way that the shuttle telescope/spectrometry would work would be that the medium printer prints directly onto the shuttle, like making a large storage. While in orbit a menu at the any corner of the screen could be used to switch between landing at the site, or observing it.
  7. They added the packager in 1.0, this turns any part back into the box form. However it wont give you back the resources you spent on it.
  8. I'm saying goodbye to these saves, because 1.0 will wipe them. My Terran Base: My Favorite Scrapper Rover (which has covered half the surface of Terran) My Base on Barren My Base on Tundra My Base on Exotic My Base on Radiated
  9. The developers added a roadmap on this forum, that modding is additional roadmap content and they are "not sure whether they'll be added early or later into the game"
  10. I do think that there should be a way to control the frequency of storms, like a difficulty setting, but I think that the day/night cycle is fine as it is.
  11. This is a good idea, researching becomes pointless once you unlock the entire catalog. So there should still be some sort of a use for bytes later on. But, this has to have a lot of balancing. If the price for each ByteKoin is too low, then people can make massive factories and be able to amass large quantities of resources with little effort. Also I was thinking that a ByteKion would be like a computer chip with the ByteCoin label on it, because bytes are like data.
  12. I found this in the center of the Tester planet. Does anyone have a clue of what it is? It also has a cable plug that I couldn't interact with.
  13. That would be interesting, I agree that there should be a difficulty setting. Maybe also changing the power of aggressive floras.
  14. When I play on my best save in Astroneer, I’ve reached a point where there is no obvious path of progression. I have bases on all the planets, massive amounts of resources, infinite power, and all kinds of rovers and structures. At that point it's like I beat the game. So this is why I feel there should be another big step in progression in Astroneer. Rather than just sticking new planets into the original solar system, I feel that there should be a completely new solar system. Another post on the forums is for a Orbital Space Station, and I have an idea for what it could be used for
  15. Thanks for replying Astrofun, I agree that satellites should be in a GEO, this could be a way to help balance the amount of work it would take to make them to function. With a GPS satellite, we could have a satellite covering a certain amount of the surface of a planet in which the GPS works. Maybe 2-3 satellites will cover the whole surface of a smaller planet, while it would take 4-5 to cover the surface of a larger one. Looking back at the research satellites, I do think the idea should be nerfed. A way it could work is that the research satellite would function for a certain amount of time