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  1. zardada

    Icons on Compass

    +1 and add compass to hover ui
  2. zardada

    Soil Centrifuge Bug

    @Doughnut_wubbs what version are you running?
  3. #2 is solved by using paver, drill and medium canisters on the first car in the train. @The Touch of Grey Gamer Flying a jetpack while carrying a shuttle, sounds very sexy and fun!
  4. zardada

    Status report on Dedicated Servers?

    Have you seen the roadmap
  5. zardada


    Doesn't this exist? Except the part about sending items through it besides those in the backpack.
  6. Is this like storing the items inside a computer, and you would use an access panel to insert or withdraw items? Can machines pull from this inventory as well?
  7. zardada

    Printer recipie tabs, and favorites

    +1 and for the backpack printer, create a toggle switch to only show items which I am currently have the resources in my backpack. A favorites list would work too.
  8. zardada

    Satellite GPS

    Activate the gateway chambers and use the stars to navigate to them. This works great with large rover, drill and paver.
  9. zardada

    (Suggestion) Walls and extendable walls

    Good Idea if moving hazards return, or for your base aesthetics.
  10. zardada


    You get lost underground? Have you powered the gateway engine/chambers? Do you have a base near powered gateway chamber? Above ground, I use stars to navigate to nearest gateway chamber and transfer items back to base which is near another gateway chamber, or on another planet. I only go underground to scoop up resources with the large rover train with drill / paver combo.
  11. zardada

    Container trailer

    winch can hold 1 item, right? 6 winches per large rover? Why not put x large shredder on large rover and shred as you find stuff?
  12. zardada

    Item Transporter

    This uses the gateway Network?
  13. How about a module that would connect to the Gateway chambers to hold items, then an interface to send items to another Gateway Chamber? On Vesnia node 2, send items to Sylva Node 1. If of course gateway chamber and planets' engines are activated.