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    Stuck Rover Trains

    This is an issue that's slowly grinding me down from "zomg I'm addicted!" to "I don't wanna play anymore." Trains of three or more rovers get stuck constantly for me, and this is just in single player. Almost every time I stop a train of rovers and get out, the rover at the rear becomes stuck in place until an an external force moves it again. Usually backing the other two rovers into it until it's nudged will free it. Getting out and digging slightly under it has a 50/50 chance of working, because getting back in the driver's seat can cause the bug to happen again immediately. If this happens to you in the forest, god help you, because that may have just become the permanent resting place of those rovers! Is this happening to anyone else and if so can anyone recommend a more reliable fix/workaround?
  2. Samurai Jack

    i question the validity of the portable oxygenator

    I'd rather have an oxygenator that takes up a single slot on a medium storage rather than hogging a t2 slot all to itself. By the time you've got the portable oxygenator unlocked nanocarbon shouldn't be that hard to make anymore.
  3. Samurai Jack

    New beacon tracker machine

    I'd make this a satellite you launch into orbit that allows you to see the signals from beacons that are obscured by the horizon/being on the other side of the planet. The platform you launch it from would have the controls to select which beacon(s) it points you toward. (Though I don't see any need for it to have an alternative sexuality, it's just a genderless machine. ) While we're of the subject of the terrible lack of navigational aids, tether lines should have an indicator that points back toward their oxygen source, allowing you to find your way out your maze of tethers spread through miles of caves!
  4. While I do miss the pre-release large shuttle seat, it's not that hard to make several small shuttles for your friends and have your medium or large shuttle for transporting heavy equipment between planets. In single player I repackaged my small shuttle, found it couldn't be shredded, then tossed the box in a pit. In multiplayer it still has a use! I believe you can also attach rover seats to larger shuttles and have friends ride along in them.
  5. I'm hoping that more gadgets that need researching become unlocked as you progress through activating the purple things. I hit the jackpot of tech research items after making what was supposed to be a small outpost for getting argon and titanium on Glacio. I had absolutely everything researched with 20k bytes to spare before I even reached the core of Sylva.
  6. I tend to get horribly lost and would appreciate any navigation tips anyone can offer. I feel like I need to drop breadcrumb beacons every 10 feet... Is there a way to see the compass while you're in a vehicle? Although the planets are so small that the compass feels kind of useless, but every little bit helps. On the starting planet at least, can I assume the purple things are at the north and south poles and the rest along the equator? By the way it would be nice if the glowy pillars marking their locations didn't vanish once they're activated, they should just change color. I need every scrap of help I can get to keep from getting hopelessly lost! Also is there an official name for the purple things? Finally when you have the drill mounted on a tractor or rover, is there a way to control the angle of it other than your camera angle? Getting it to dig up is an eternal struggle, and if do manage to get it to dig up I'm basically blind because my screen is filled with rover. I'd love to be able to set an absolute angle and have it stick there until I change it.
  7. I've been having this same issue and it's almost made me want to quit the game, you can't have a mobile base due to this bug. If you can nudge the stuck rover by backing the other two into it it'll free up. (almost impossible with a four car train) Getting out and digging under the stuck rover or unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in has a 50/50 chance of fixing it, as just getting back into the rover seat can cause the bug to reoccur. Alt-tabbing out of the game while still in the rover seat can also cause this, sometimes with only a two car train. This seems to happen with any combination of 3 or more medium or large rovers. I've even tried pulling them with the tractor and it still happens. One thing I haven't tried yet is separating the cars with trailers. (it's late and I should be asleep or else I'd do that now.)
  8. Samurai Jack

    Stuck Rover Trains

    Still can't edit my own messages but just to bring this up to spec, this has occurred in both 1.0.3 and 1.0.4, steam version, windows 10 build 1803. (I thought I was on 1809 and I'm gonna see if by some miracle updating helps this.)
  9. Samurai Jack

    Stuck Rover Trains

    I've noticed I can get this to occur with a two car train more often by alt-tabbing out of the game. It only happens with large and medium rovers and combinations of them, It's never happened using the tractor and trailers.
  10. Samurai Jack

    Stuck Rover Trains

    Just learned that alt-tabbing out of the game while in a rover can cause this to happen too. By the way why does the edit button disappear after like 10 minutes? I'm not trying to bump my own post, I just can't edit it anymore.
  11. Samurai Jack

    Stuck Rover Trains

    Either there's no edit button or I'm too blind to find it, but this can happen with just two rovers as well, it's just very rare. three or more and it happens almost every time.
  12. One would assume beacons are radio signals, clouds and trees should not obscure them. Mountains and the curvature of the planet, well, yeah you could argue that, but getting lost is ridiculously easy. The compass is almost useless because the planets are so small. Turn slightly to the left and you could miss your destination by miles!
  13. Samurai Jack

    Beacons should always be visible!

    This has pros and cons. The clouds are way prettier (and my system can handle them fine) and beacons are easier to see, but it obscures the star field which is my only truly reliable way to find my way back to base. I didn't know about experimental clouds before though so thanks for the suggestion!
  14. I'd like to see oxygen tethers have a flow animation or just a subtle arrow marker to show where your oxygen's coming from. This way you could tell if you're heading towards or away from an oxygen source. It would make finding your way out of caves full of a maze of tethers much easier! (I wish I'd thought of this soon enough for it to make it into 1.0!)