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    Large storage

    Let us attach again large storage to the side of spaceships ffs, I've been out for a while and the other day I came back to the game and you can't do this anymore for some reason.
  2. Here is a bug I encountered playing with a friend, the bug only seems to happen when I'm in his world, from my perspective there is terrain where I'm standing from his POV:
  3. Hello, so after playing 40 hours of this game I have come to realise that there aren't quite many objectives in the game, don't misunderstand this I think the game is great but maybe a good idea would be the need to find alien blueprints in the different planets, this would increase the need to go to those planets in order to get those blueprints, it would be awesome that each planet has 1 exclusive alien blueprint and you have to explore the whole planet in order to find it (random location), this blueprints could include some nice modules like teleporters, automatic machines, etc... , of course you would need to spend a lot of research points in order to unlock this alien modules, this could also implement the use of astronium, diamonds, nanocarbon alloy that currently have no use.
  4. Hello I'm making this post because I just destroyed the shell of a pit worm but it just keep floating in the air, according to the gamepedia you can not do this but I used dynamite and this happened, so please me them killable by destroying the soil underneath even tho you need to use dynamite in order to do so.