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  1. This has happened to me in the past as well, I was just taking my tractor down into the caves when my tractor got stuck. So then I decided to hoist it up using my terrain tool when it glitched or sunk through the ground and I have to retrieve my tractor. Also right beside My base, I have had some issues when my character glitches through the ground and then pops back up. Lastly, When I'm In the caves, I have come across little slips or graphics problems where the terrain surface is thin and you could easily fall down.
  2. I have 3 bugs that I would like to explain about, the first troublesome bug is a few days ago I wanted to trade scrap, however I couldn't switch between what Resources I wanted and it just stayed on the same item which was compound. The second bug is even now and then my buggy and large rover couldn't move. So every time I had to jump in and out of my rover to make it move. Also jumping into my base, rovers and shuttles takes a while to load. The 3 bug is one day I travelled down to the core of Terran when I started floating up to the surface of Terran and in space where I unfortunat
  3. Where all excited for the big 11.0 update, coming on the 6th Feb 2019. However I have listed so many ideas for the game a and then I have looked back at the early versions of Astroneer that I wish where back in Astroneer such as the earlier spaceshuttles, detailed cranes and resources you can collect such as ice you can mine from. There are some images below that I hope you can understand from, get ideas and thoughts from.