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    I also started just a handful of weeks ago. I mostly agree with this assessment. I do t believe those things make the game bit fun. I love it. But those things the original poster pointed out so hamper the enjoyment. Storms on Terran need to be less often and also we need something to do while we wait. Heck, just make the q key work and give us access to the research panel. More things to do might be nice but that alone would help a lot. Also I would prefer slightly shorter rocks or rovers with more ground clearance. In real life I have a lift kit on my four wheel drive truck. If I was stuck on these planets I would darn surre mod my rovers. That said it is only slightly a problem. And with a large rover with two trailers you plow over almost all rocks. Mall in all I love the game and can’t wait for the directed content. I also hope there is a bit of a story line coming in 1.0. It does not need much. But every time I see a wreck site I think about what cool story must be behind these lost outposts. Putting something along those lines into the game would really plus up the immersion. Exotics rough terrain was tricky but I am ok with some planets being mostly open (Barren) and others not.