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  1. I said in my initial post I recently cleaned my console, but thank you. It’s not too taxing at all. My Xbox has run games like The Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 without issue, so if those games aren’t causing problems, then this one definitely shouldn’t considering it’s much less demanding. The game runs fine now with only a very occasional roar, but otherwise it doesn’t freeze, overheat, or anything like that. It does lag just slightly when the backpack is open, though. Still, the only problem regarding overheating was with the initial boot up of the tech test planet,
  2. When opening the tech test planet, version, for the first time, my Xbox One began to overheat and actually shut down—which it’s never done before. I received a message after starting it back up (attached) that said the Xbox was designed to shut down to protect it from insufficient ventilation. Now, my Xbox is in a very open area and was recently cleaned, thus insufficient ventilation is likely not an issue. So, I wanted to submit this just in case overheating was a legitimate problem. Once I started the tech test planet back up again, my Xbox made loud roaring noises but seemed to sta