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  1. Def! They just added that with 1.0, you can run and jump while holding an object and you dont have to thread the needle when bringing an unknown up a tunnel now haha another thing they added was that you can research materials now! The most efficient thing to research from your centrifuge is clay, just keep poppin em in there! Lol I have a clan going with a clan chat for 18+/mature folks where we answer stuff like this. You are welcome to check it out, just msg me if you are interested. That goes for everyone!
  2. Tactile Object

    Spoiler (?) - Having a hard time locating Gateway #6

    North and such is constant, its just that if you are near to the south or north pole gate way then the compass will always slide around and face it (this would be true in real life too). So make sure you have north and south done by just following your compass there. Then scoot passed it and see if your compass flipped. Once you have north and south def checked off then scoot to any other node, pick west or east and keep truckin till you hit your missing purple!
  3. What about pressing Y and putting it in your hands? I know it doesnt work for platforms and such but it works great for unknown objects and other medium size stuff!
  4. Astro can be very solo, but sometimes we dream big and a few extra hands turn a grind into a quick reality. When the idea pops into your head to try and build a ramp between terra and barren (not actually possible) or to erase barren from existence altogether you might find it slow going. That's the idea of making the EASY clan for astroneer. Those of us who love this game REALLY love this game but end game content can be a bit non-existent. I have run clans before and I thought maybe we could keep things fresh with some clan activites once we grind out a few sweet bases and are looking for something to do. Activities like racing to planets in solo or team games, build competitions, and mega projects. Based on the traffic in the forums i don't expect a huge response but if you are 18+, chill, and just want some other mature folks to chat about the game or lend a hand then maybe EASY is for you. Nothing will be required of any member, the only rules to EASY are to have a good time. I have a few friends already using an app called BAND to chat out of game and line up stuff so if you are interested then throw on the app (doesnt require phone number or anything) and follow the link below https://band.us/n/a0a8zaO913gcx We've seen what individuals and small teams can do in this game but what could a clan do? Square planets? Our very own saturn with home made rings? 😛
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    The EASY clan, 18+ folks who build big and like to chill

    Still picking up a few folks, lots of room in here tho! If you just want a place to talk astroneer while you are at work this is it! It has been great so far for comparing notes and having someone to show what we're up to, saving everyone time when we run into a problem and even being able to call for a hand when you need one
  6. Tactile Object

    Backpack printer - sugestion

    I just go with the method of scrolling through the print options as fast as possible, way faster than i could read, until i see the appropriate resource zoom to the printer. Then i read what it is qnd keep scrolling until i see it drop down again if its not, i really dont find it bad at all. Not nearly as tedious as offloading my backpack one item at a time onto a medium storage.
  7. Tactile Object

    Impossible to craft modules

    You have to use the small shuttle and solid fuel thruster to go off planet and get some!
  8. Tactile Object

    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

    @ThePlumGate you started your game on sylva, thats the new terra. You want to goto novus, its got the most hematite. If you bring up your in game menu it has an astropedia that shows you the planets and what their primary and secondary resources are.
  9. As soon as i hit atrox, i knew what album i had to turn on lol
  10. Tactile Object

    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

    They changed the names of the planets? You mean again since the 1.0 release? That list there has all the current names and planets @ThePlumGate !
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    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

  12. Tactile Object

    Stranded in Glacio :( (Question inside)

    The one bit of good news is that glacio has everything you need to build a smelter and print a new thruster, glacio is only missing sphalerite, wolframite, malachite, and lithium. You can do it man!
  13. Tactile Object

    New center of planet

    Bonjoir! J'ai desole pour mon francais! Tout les planets avoir un centre comme ca, le chose pour utiliser est differente pout tout des planets. J'ai donnez un liste jai trouve sure le wiki. Prennez 2 chose pour chaque et cest necessaire de utiliser le 'transporter' pour sortir, alors prennez quelque chose pour oxygen Quand tu est pret, juste saute!!
  14. Tactile Object

    The EASY clan, 18+ folks who build big and like to chill

    Thanks for the kind words @Alex Urquhart! Its great having you in the clan/communiy, thanks for always sharing the info and tips/tricks you come across! Can't wait to do a big multiplayer session at some point!
  15. Tactile Object

    What's the diff between the 2 Oxigenators?

    The big one can be mounted on a rover/shuttle and will power and oxygenate your tether line, it doesn't make power it only allows power to be transferred over the tether line
  16. Tactile Object

    Where the iron did go??

    Also a google doc being worked on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1u6iJx0fjLm5dH93aWBTLxvQ8N97H58k_pyIGquLJl6k/edit#gid=1514760594 From the folks on discord
  17. Tactile Object

    My Take on 1.0

    Really great stuff you picked out here! I agree with the vast majority of it, i enjoy the speed of the tractor myself and if it was slowed it would be a shame because i would be skipping it to get to rovers lol one thing that already exists though is the list of resources with their symbol, its in your in game astropedia in your menu you bring up while playing i think thats why they left out the cursor info, to encourage you to check out the stuff they added to the play menu!
  18. Tactile Object

    Purple Gateway Chamber

    @The Touch of Grey Gamer i play on xbox and one thing i found helps a lot when choosing which node i want is instead of using the cursor to select a node just select the hologram and then i press the button i use to move my astroneer left or right and it will actually scroll through all the nodes without using the cursor and let you select the ones on the back side of the display much easier. Not sure which button it would be on pc but i would try the movement buttons first
  19. Tactile Object

    Purple structure spawn question

    Same issue just on sylva, except two of them spawned inside hard rock mountains as well...what a pain lol i dont mind the ones in the open tho, its a nice view! Lol
  20. Tactile Object

    Purple Gateway Chamber

    Once you unlock all nodes and the gateway core on a planet it allows you to go to orbit and travel to the alien satelite in orbit around the sun. You feed a particular resource to each core and get a geometrical trytarch in return. Put that trytarch in its spot on the alien satelite. Once you have a core gate unlocked AND have been to visit the satelite you can now teleport off planet. I have a clan chat where we talk about this stuff if you are interested haha
  21. Hey folks! So we picked up a few members from the last post and it has been great being able to chat directly with folks who are working on the same things as you and sharing anything we figure out along the way. There is a lot left to finish and a few things left to figure out but it sure speeds it up when you can get answers live. A lot of folks like to run astro solo, as i do unless someone needs direct help, but one of my favourite things is sharing pics and clips of what i am up to in game and seeing other folks stuff. We use an app called BAND to chat outside of the game, it has a lot of useful tools and tabs for posting and chatting. Its free and doesnt require a phone number, and runs on all mobiles and on pc browser. Just throw on the app and follow the link below to check it out! Hey, join our 'EASY clan - Astroneer' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities! https://band.us/n/aeaezaQ7pbq3g
  22. Hey folks! Just looking to get some info to my astroneer clanmates. I would like to know the new 'tundra' that will have both hematite and wolframite. And really just looking for confirmed resources on each planet to compile a new full list, i will post when complete. Thank you very much for your time! Tactile
  23. Tactile Object

    Resources: Which planets have which resource?

    Well they thought of everything didnt they? Lol thank you @Blind Io for the extra link, sorry for wasting your time folks! Lol
  24. Tactile Object

    Purple structure spawn question

    Shit yeah, good idea @Rebelord!