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  1. I will have to give it another shot, my last 6 or 7 times made it to the very end of credits so it was def close!
  2. Hey folks! If you like to game astro hard, build big projects, and play hard through the content drouts then EASY would be a good fit for you! If you want to share your work from tooling around under the hood then we welcome that as well. We are chill, know what we are doing, and looking to grow. We have contests/challenges every 2 weeks to keep folks busy and have put together a youtube channel so i can collect content from the group and share it with all. There are big plans for groul projects once servers drop and we would love to have you come in and push the limits with us.
  3. Haha oh man i need you guys in the EASY Corp(guild/clan). It's hilarious because I am the only xbox guy so far and I have done most of this stuff too, including jim bears method of getting out every layer to try a save on the way to a core. I try my original save game and my finish save game everytime there is a patch just in case something changed retroactively and i can finish it out
  4. @Kev Cunning to be fair i have multiple saves and the one that i managed to get to the end is one where i did nothing but grab one surface purple and unlock the core on each planet and that is it lol no exploring, no extra research, all tethers cleaned up, the works. My original save is stuck in the core of vesania with only calidor and desolos left to get purples on, so close to system completion! Haha but it has lost the ability to save without crashing. So yeah i guess i am 5 planets in on that one, the same as you
  5. @JimBearUSA yes one out of the 4 times i loaded it the display was blank on mine but the other times it was loaded and showed that animation. Thats part of the reason i dont think its a straight memory problem because in both versions it still crashed at the exact same moment in the end sequence. @Aaron Timms yes i got the achievement as well. It's just a pain that we cant have a save game after the game is beat, only one just before lol
  6. Xbox one with standard setup I tried loading it 4 times myself, and now have seen a few other people mention it in xbox too. It always crashes at the exact same spot, just as the station detects there is no astroneer and the capsule detaches from the main ship. It will travel about ten feet and crash right there, all of the loads i did crashed at precisely the same moment. I noticed co.pletion on xbox is only .03% so maybe this hasnt shown up on your radar yet
  7. @JimBearUSA 100%, i just figured the south park reference was fresher lol i do turn the album on whenever i land there just for kicks
  8. Xbox 1 Standard xbox one using controller Launched high enough to kill me, this is the only time since the 1.0 release this has ever happened to me and i have been all over all of the planets to get the surface gateways and put in 100 hours since then pretty easy. In this current save i have only been to desolos and calidor, this is calidor. I have done a pretty fair amount of terrain alteration so far this game TactileObject7XB1.mp4
  9. Hey folks! I highly recommend any of the official communities run here, but if you are looking for something more chill with less rules where you can share your projects and get/give help then the EASY Corp might be for you! We have day 1 veterans and newbs both, no requirements other than 18+ yrs old. We are all about having a good time both in game and out, come check us out on discord! https://discord.gg/74KBkr3 (18+ only)
  10. Keep going! I have 12 rtg, several big rovers, off world bases, tethers for miles and was wondering why xbox ppl were complaining so much when mine runs fine. Then i started activating nodes on all planets, i have sylva, atrox, novus, and glacio done. Was getting vesania done and my saves this whole time were progressively slower. Finally on vesania i was getting a save game crash after 10 mins of game play but i pushed through and got to the core. 48 crashes in an 8 hour period, my save game now cannot save as it will crash everytime. Cold start everytime (i have a power bar on my tv and
  11. I dunno about you but the patch did not help my main save, i have every planet done except calidor and desolos and i cant play my game for 30 seconds and save it without it crashing. Had to start over, hopefully the exact same thing wont happen when i only have 8 surface nodes left in my whole system
  12. Lol no need to feel that way, i been playing this game for two years and only now do i know how to drive around a planet and know where i am at all times haha
  13. Hey folks! If you are looking for a chill group of pll to chat with, help or get helped, or just share screen shots of the stuff you are proud of then come on in! We currently have open recruitment and if you are 18+ and love gamin astroneer this is a great spot. Really happy with the small group that has come together already and we have saved ourselves a lot of time by sharing info with each other. We are now on discord so follow the link to check us out! https://discord.gg/74KBkr3
  14. Def! They just added that with 1.0, you can run and jump while holding an object and you dont have to thread the needle when bringing an unknown up a tunnel now haha another thing they added was that you can research materials now! The most efficient thing to research from your centrifuge is clay, just keep poppin em in there! Lol I have a clan going with a clan chat for 18+/mature folks where we answer stuff like this. You are welcome to check it out, just msg me if you are interested. That goes for everyone!
  15. North and such is constant, its just that if you are near to the south or north pole gate way then the compass will always slide around and face it (this would be true in real life too). So make sure you have north and south done by just following your compass there. Then scoot passed it and see if your compass flipped. Once you have north and south def checked off then scoot to any other node, pick west or east and keep truckin till you hit your missing purple!