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  1. Summary Planetary orbit nearly stopped Description I wish that I could offer more information on what I might have done to trigger this but I'm not quite sure exactly when it happened. At some point, the solar system stopped spinning. It took me a while to notice because I was waiting for morning to power various activities. I was about to planet jump to a new world and was trying to get together the resources I would need (I was performing various smelting and printing operations, specifically creating the mats to build atmospheric condenser and the medium and large shuttles)
  2. I've noticed that when things fall through the ground, they *seem* to eventually get caught on some other level (came back to home base to find literally all my resources missing - were at several different underground layers directly beneath). Same happened with a beacon that randomly fell. If you're curious enough about the items keep digging down where they fell, I'll bet u find them somewhere
  3. I have also experienced this using Windows 10, mouse and keyboard, and Steam. I have had beacons, vehicles, and resources drop from where they are to a cavern below. Often it seems as though they slowly faze through the ground over time when I'm not watching.