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    Strange Truck Glich

    Platform: Steam I was on a resin search when my truck just disappeared, I found it a distance away but died in the process. The nice thing though is that vehicles have way-points on them and I just headed back to the truck and saw this... 2016-12-18-2050-17.flv
  2. Platform: Steam Frequently if I extrude land underground for whatever reason, I have to scramble to get a save in before the game crashes or the game simply crashes while I am extruding land underground. I don't think it happens that much above ground, but I'm certain I've had the game crash while extruding land above ground too. Also after wind storms, if I am above ground and taking cover, after the wind storm I can guess fairly well that I have a 90% chance of the game crashing just several seconds after the wind storm disappearing from sight. However, if there is a windstorm and I am underground or in a cave, it seems that nothing bad happens. Comp. specs: i3-4370 CPU @ 3.80GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 GeForce GTX 950 (latest driver)
  3. Platform: Steam (pc) Large objects built in the vehicle bay and printer occasionally disappears when moved somewhere else. I had in issue with a printed storage object where when placed it just got swallowed by the game. I had a small buggy disappear after I was sorting my inventory and when I reloaded the file, it spawned me in the middle on a really deep cave with 0% oxygen (however with my inventory still intact). Comp. specs: i3-4370 CPU @ 3.80GHZ 8GB RAM DDR3 GeForce GTX 950 (latest driver)