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  1. Sir Tigerente


    I have the same problem, but enough energy in the base
  2. Sir Tigerente

    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    In my Multiplayer i have the Problem that the other Player see not the same as i. i have a rocket that is full with objects but for him is the rocket empty
  3. Sir Tigerente

    Screenshots Megathread

    Little Base
  4. Sir Tigerente

    Tractor Tips Into Ground, co-op

    Steam Version 1.0.7 COOP Modus very slow. and the same Problem that Vehicles sink into the Ground and lost.
  5. The wind Turbine is not functionally on windy planets. and sometimes i can't put items in my bag and there is many place. hope it will fixed in the v1.0 good working
  6. Sometimes it takes a long time to produce items in the lab. If i built another lab it only takes a few seconds.