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  1. Hello Community and Staff, I have a unpayable bug with the Tethers. Summary: - Steam - FPS DROOOOPS on every single placed tether Description: Every time i drop/place a Tether the game FPS drops immeditialy on 1 and then i think to 0 but i dont see it and it is just annoying and unplayable that version but it was not from the beginning just in the phase where i prepare to launch off the Planet also ca. several hundreds of Tethers placed before i could place hundreds of them. Platform: Steam (PC/Windows) Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 and x64 based Processor | v. 1803 | Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i5 4430 3 Ghz GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 RAM: 12 GB (idk the name of them) Drive: ST2000DM001-1CH164 (2 tb with 2 partitions Astroneer is on 1 partition) Ps: Pls fix it fast because i dont know if it crash if i place too much tethers and i have tried to put all Graphics down but nope Thx Rook #Es
  2. Hi I am a German Astroneer Fan and I would be happy if somebody could play with me Astroneer Platform: Steam (PC) Location Germany, Bavaria, Language: Prefere German / Deutsch but English is okay, Microphone: Yes (Prefer Teamspeak but everything free is okay like skype Discord etc.) Looking for: together 4 players but if just 1 pms me or answers me i would play with 2 or 1 guy. Can Play from: 13:00-21:00 Friday and Satarday, 13:00-18:00 UTC+1 or MEZ On Sundays, Can host: Yes 3 People defenitly but 4 people idk, Comment: Iam defenitly available on steam friday-Sundays from 13:00 till 16:00 Steamlink: Email: About me: a 16 years old student.
  3. Yeah why cant they get two or three in the big or medium shuttle
  4. yeah but it is just freakin different to the older shuttles there you could make a triple shuttle seat but the new ones you must sit in the cargo bay of the medium shuttle or instead of the oxiginator
  5. but one thing have they forgott that it is now not good to play to 2 because one must go to a planet with Hämatit
  6. I hae a glitch that if i was in a cave or in the underground and saved and loaded it again i was forced to come up in the surface
  7. On the pc it is release yay but idk if its released on xbox or else!?
  8. Hello guys i would discuss with you if system era did the best or the best job just kidding i just would like to discuss how long have you been waited for the full released? My answer since i got the game inwas so hyped for it because it was great before too but it is greater than great now.
  9. Hello Astroneer-Community, I would suggest to have upgrades for the suit like for the "mine-gun" and it is in the research "book" like the upgrades for the "mine-gun" Examples: More slots: research costs: 1500 or 1000 Bytes costs 1 Copper for the first 2 and then 1 Iron for the next 2 and then 1 Titan ect....... More air: research costs: 1/2000 Bytes cost for an extra 100% air 1 titanium alloy + tiny air canister. (or that you consume less air: 2 air filters) Your Astroneer-Fan Rook
  10. Hello Astroneer Comunity, I have a bug if i save under the ground or in a cave i bug up untill i arrive the top. Yes i know it is short but the bug or glitch is so! Your Astroneer-Fan Rook PS. If somebody want to play just add me (I come from germany but i can speak english relativ good) Name: Serious??
  11. I love ASTRONEER :D

  12. Hello community, I have a little or big suggestion for a "Orbital Station" that you can build on a big shuttle an if you launch it, it uncouple it from the shuttle and it get like a Space Station that you can land on or couple on it (like the space station on the main menu) and you can go into it and make there some warehousing and you can build there a Transport Shuttle (like an big shuttle but you cant place a shuttle seat on it but control it with a controll panel and i would think about it that it hast a "follow mode" that it follow all your steps) what you can place some medium storages and send it to other planets or space stations. Costs: Space Station: 2 Titanium alloy 4 plastic 2 Medium Solar Panels (just to make it something realistic for energy) Transport Shuttle: Little Transport Shuttle(2 double for a big storage): 1 Titanium alloy 2 Plastic + rocket propulsion Medium Transport Shuttle(5 double storages also 2 big storages and 1 extra medium storage have place there) : 2 Titanium alloy 4 Plastic +rocket propulsion Big Transport Shuttle(8 or 10 double storages also 4/5 big storages) 5 Titanium alloy 6 Plastic (rocket propulsion is allready build in) Attention: THIS IS JUST A SUGGESTION OR JUST FANTASY IDK Many thanks your Astroneer Fan Rook
  13. I would agree you but it should regenerate it self not that if you got hit or something else and must produce some heal "stuff"
  14. I have a question are the resources regeneration during afk or during total offline from the game or arent they regenerate