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    Xbox One Save Game Progress Lost

    I have the exact same problem. I think it has something to do with medium rovers being connected. I continue to loose progress and cant seem to make a new save
  2. I've had this problem for a while now. A week ago I exited my only save game from one point. In a vehicle (two medium rovers attached via cable) with those large research things attached to it. When I came on, I was in the same place. During that play session i went to the barren planet for the first time and brought back zinc (I used the small shuttle, shuttle seat, and a solid fuel thruster), then came back with my zinc, made a couple of mods for my excavator, then left the game after saving it via getting into a vehicle and then exiting, making sure that the save game icon did indeed appear. When I came back on to the game, my progress was lost, and I was in the aforementioned vehicle with large research attached to it. This time i gathered rescources and made stuff, but did not go to space. I saved and exited the save game, came back, and all my progress was saved from the previous session. During that session i decided i wanted to go back to space so i made a shuttle and went to exotic. Came back with lithium and tungsten, made some stuff, then exited the game. I came back today to find out that all my progress was lost, and i was in the rover with large research attached to it. I hope you guys resolve this, it only happens when i go to another planet, and it's very annoying. Sidenote: Placing tethers on long chains of tethers freezes my game completely.