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    Oxygen Bubble arround the habitat

    Hello! I think it would be nice if a oxygen bubble would exist at the habitat or arround vehicles. Because I think it oxygen pipes how they now exist aren´t nice to have in the base. Therefore you could implement a maschine needing energy to build up such a oxygen bubble. This machine you could build on your rover to. And it would be nice if you could set how big the bubble schould get. The bigger the bubble the bigger the energy needing. Thanks for attention Christopher a Astroneer Player
  2. I have the same Problem, please help
  3. TeckBeckTV (international)

    Game Craches when entering vehicles

    Hello Dear Astroneer Team, I have a problem with my game. When I enter a vehicle my game crashes. This happens in Multiplayer and Singleplayer and this happens after 5 hours of gaming on one map. We just tried to copy the map and load it on the pc of a friend of mine and the same problem appears again. if you need nearer information you can contact me. Thanks for help! TeckBeckTV