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  1. Please change the Extra Large Platform B so that ten unfolded horizontal Medium Storage will fit without overlapping. Basically slide either the top or bottom connection point away by one unit or split the difference. .
  2. Bargeral

    player numbers in one game

    4 players. The server they are working on supports 8 players. It's in beta now, some YouTube players had access. Full release expected early 2020. You rent a server they host at first and at some point later you will be able to download your own server and run it yourself.
  3. Bargeral

    Resource Compactor

    I noticed several screenshots of the giant resources bug and thought they were more fun than annoying. We could have something like that for Tier 5 module printing, if we ever get another tier. Resource Compactor: Tier 3 Module Requires 8 of any Natural or Refined Resource Produces 1 Giant Resource of the same type. Resource Palletizer: Tier 3 Module Requires 8 of any Composite Resource Produces 1 Pallet of the same type. Giant resource: Giant version of Natural or Refined Resource Tier 2 Attachment pin Palletized resource: A pallet of Composite Resources of the same type Tier 2 Attachment pin Medium Atmospheric Chamber: Like a medium Soil Canister; Atmospheric Resources can be added/removed Tier 2 Attachment pin Tier 5 printer: Prints Tier 5 Items 2 Tier 2 Attachment Slot inputs Tier 6 Printer: Prints Tier 6 Items 4 Tier 2 Attachment Slot inputs
  4. When you activate the motion sensors on special platforms about the only thing you can do is set off fireworks or lights. It would be nice to have ..... New item: Recreational Printer. Any motion activated item (hoops, Goals, gates) are moved to this printer only. Printer has an attach slot for a Color Anylizer. Printed items are now the attached color (or neutral if none was attached.) Passing a motion detector will now generate a "hit" pulse of that color on the attached power cables. New Item Recreational Score Board. Will count up in the color connected once for each hit. A neutral hit on the scoreboard will reset to zero. New item Ball release - Releases a new ball when triggered. New item Ball trigger - triggers something when pressed. - Like doors or generators or TNT. Players can be colored by equipping a Color Anylizer Buggies can be colored by a Color Anylizer Only team color can use. so. Passing a neutral ball through a colored hoop will generate a colored hit. Passing a colored ball through a neutral hoop will generate a colored hit. Passing a colored ball through a matching hoop will generate a colored hit. Passing a neutral ball through a neutral hoop will clear a score. Substitute ball for player, buggy etc. Substitute hoop for goal gate etc.
  5. Bargeral

    Bring back hazards

    Neat, thanks for that.
  6. Bargeral

    Bring back hazards

    An idea for introducing some challenge back into the game without overwhelming new players. Sylva becomes safer with free air, but getting air elsewhere becomes more difficult. Hazards such as storms are back, but new tools allow a players to prep better. Resources New resource Gas: Oxygen. New resource: Ice. (since there is no liquid water in game) Damaged resource: Equivalent to scrap - blackened charred filter over existing art. Cannot be used as a resource (except scrapping). New hazards: Wind storms - as before - Rockets tip over, tethers tip and disconnect. Un-connected platforms slide. Lightening strikes - discolors ground, damages resources and buildings. Destroys rocket engines but not the rocket. Meteor strikes - deforms terrain, damages resources and buildings. Hail - Damages players, Leaves Ice behind. Pops building connections. Destroys tethers. Radiation - damages player. Buildings can randomly turn off. Heat -Damages player. Some building overheat and shut down. Cold - damages player, Vehicles are slowed. Randomly the "start" button on some buildings will ice over and has to be clicked a bunch to unstuck. New suit augments Heater Cooler Radiation shielding New oxygenator types or augments Lighting rod Grounded tether/cables Heated tether/cables Cooled tether/cables General Oxygen Filters don't work on planets without Oxygen. Oxygenators now require ICE Sylva does not require O2 tanks or tethers at all. Vehicles now require oxygenators to provide o2 Get rid of the free starting items. Player progression. New players start on Sylvia as a capsule lands very roughly. When the player X to exit the capsule door blows and the capsule is now an old style capsule seat. A giant box lands next to them, starting shelter. No starting items (starting pad, oxygenator, printer, platform). As Sylva is now free air planet, players can explore and move about. Once the shelter is built another box drops form orbit containing a Buggy - which the player can mount the old capsule onto. This gets the player motivated to figure out how to print a generator or such and go explore. Players will discover that tall mountains contain no air and can learn tethers. Players will discover that the underground contains bad air and can learn filters. Storms are mild and can be weathered on the surface, but expose the player to the concept of taking shelter. Deslo teaches the need to bring air or ice/oxygenators well as tethers. Also shows that filters are useless without O2 in the air. Progressively more dangerous planets introduce hazards and solutions as the player explores - heat and cold on Galcio and Calador. Radiation and more dangerous storms. Etc.
  7. Bargeral

    Everyone is recalling

    You are right to feel frustrated. That's fine, so don't apologize for that. But it's not done yet and we just have to wait. It is good news that they have said they are working on it. Many other games don't listen and don't fix things at all. Even if it is late at least they are working on it. Most people that buy Astroneer play the game and then move on to another game. Only a few stick around and start building big structures out of the ground. So the developers need to take care of the issues that effect the majority of players first, and the ground thing only really effects the enthusiasts like us on the forum. My advice to you is to take a break from the game and come back when the next update is out. It's OK to feel frustrated, but going crazy about it just means you need a break.
  8. Bargeral

    Why do Mineral research (and others) change colors

    does it change back if you move it back? It could be that each planet as a colored light filter applied to keep them looking unique. So when you move it, the light falling on it changes. It's the same as painting a room and finding out it looks very different than it did in the paint store. It's not the object that changes, it's the light. Instead of asking for the light to be consistent across the entire game, I'd suggest asking for a colored light we can set up. Then you can create a display area that is "as it appears on ..."
  9. This is a suggestion to allow printers to quickly access certain recipes and clean up the large selection menu they have. Basically you'd be able to add recipes to a favorite group and have certain preset tabs. Each printer would have a TAB interface just above the recipe card. The first tab would "all" shown as a lemniscape icon, that shows all known recipes for that printer tier - ie, just like now. Preset tabs match some of the research catalog big categories - Air, Mods, vehicles, rockets, storage, power, platforms. Favorite tabs would be A, B C (or icons like one heart, two hearts. Stars, clovers, diamonds ... but I'm using ABC for my example) the research catalog each recipe would have a column of buttons next to the big "go" safety switch allow us to add it to favorite group A, B or C. Each group is a toggle, so a recipe could be part of all, some or none of the favorite group. In the interest of keeping the interface clean I'm only suggesting three favorite groups, but I would welcome more. You could combine some of the presets to keep it lite - like storage and platforms tend to be used together. So as a minimalist you might have; All, Storage/Platform, Power, Vehicles, A, B, and C. That's only six. Also you could have different presets for different printers, like Mod for for the backpack one. And at the risk of going one too far, I do favor the idea of a "none" tab. Basically - show me everything I haven't already favorite-ed.
  10. Bargeral

    Floor plates

    The align mod works with the terrain tool. I'm suggesting we give up on making the terrain tool more precise than it is and have objects for walls and such. I had the idea when I buried a table and just thought; well I should just make a floor out of tables. So the panels would be like thin tables with no legs and with a predisposition to snap together flat or at right angles to each other. They would have the same graphic aesthetics as the vehicles and tables and such. Think base built out of a whole bunch of medium storage in their flat position - and without the attach points. So you'd dig out a cave or a pit, or build up a hill with the terrain tool. Rough it in, as it were. Then you manufacture and place your walls and floor and such. You could even have garage doors and landing bay hatches. It'd be a great way to waste time and materials after you've won the game or whatever.
  11. Bargeral

    Floor plates

    There is a lot of talk about the wanting a true flat surface tool and wanting to improve the digging tool. But after some thought I now think a better solution is to leave the digging too as it is, and just give us a manufactured floor/wall/ceiling tile. Size - Maybe two sizes, a 1x1 small: a bit wider that a rover is, squared. And large 4x4. Placement floor/ceiling parallel or "flat" to gravity at the point of placement. Or snapped to already placed tiles. Shift to disable snap (eg place with gravity). Rotatable like tables etc. Walls, 90 degree perpendicular or to gravity at point of placement. Snap to existing walls if present, snap at 90 degrees to existing floor is present. Shift to rotate 90 for corners. rotatable. Optionally Drop a Terrain Analyzer in to add color Can print Walls, floor ceiling, ramps and roads. Styles for fun. add Extra things like lighting or oxy or power for extra cost. Please don't take the below example as "what I want" it's just meant to be an example to get people thinking. Structural printer (Tier 3 attachment) Slot 1 - non consumable - Terrain Analyzer Slots 2--5 - consumable - Recipe components. Recipes - Pattern A Floor tile 2x resin Ceiling Tile 1x resin 1x compound Wall Tile 2x compound Pattern B Floor tile 4x resin Ceiling Tile 2x resin 2x compound Ceiling Tile with Lighting 2x copper 2x quartz Wall Tile 4x compound Road Pattern A Floor tile 2x Rubber 2x Plastic Road Pattern B Floor tile 2x Rubber 2x Plastic Ramps Snaps to any floor placement 45 degree angle down from point of contact. Smooshes into existing ground for easy line up. Etc..... On top of all that it gives us more end-game things to work for that are not really necessary but are hella fun
  12. Bargeral

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    Any ETA on next patch? Waiting on this one before I jump back in. Some modified terrain nodes will sometimes lose collision, causing players to quicksand into them. (Still debugging this issue. Seems like deformation is causing terrain node math to get into a weird state. Hoping to have this fixed next week)
  13. I would love to see an homage to the Apollo landing site. ...Or maybe a dead Kerbal.
  14. Managing mods Add a row of slots on the Research Panel (Hold Q). Only mods can be added here. Each mod slot would have a Big Red toggle switch to turn it on and off. Have a second row just for Analyzer mods where only one can be active at once. Better Alignment Add a 'ZED Alignment mod'. Tells us our height (Zed) from the core. The mod would let us set the desired ZED different than actual ZED. Like a +/- box next to the on/off button in the Research Panel. Rename the "Alignment Mod" to reflect that is is relative to the planet not relative to the player. 'Planetary Alignment Mod'. This gives you three alignment modes; Arbitrary (Default), Flat and Curved. +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ZED Mod | Planetary Mod | Result when using CTRL + Click | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Off | Off | Creates a flat surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to the Arbitrary surface selected. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Off | On | Creates a curved surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to the Arbitrary surface selected. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | On | Off | Creates a flat surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to Desired Zed. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | On | On | Creates a curved surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to Desired Zed. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+