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  1. Managing mods Add a row of slots on the Research Panel (Hold Q). Only mods can be added here. Each mod slot would have a Big Red toggle switch to turn it on and off. Have a second row just for Analyzer mods where only one can be active at once. Better Alignment Add a 'ZED Alignment mod'. Tells us our height (Zed) from the core. The mod would let us set the desired ZED different than actual ZED. Like a +/- box next to the on/off button in the Research Panel. Rename the "Alignment Mod" to reflect that is is relative to the planet not relative to the player. 'Planetary Alignment Mod'. This gives you three alignment modes; Arbitrary (Default), Flat and Curved. +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ZED Mod | Planetary Mod | Result when using CTRL + Click | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Off | Off | Creates a flat surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to the Arbitrary surface selected. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Off | On | Creates a curved surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to the Arbitrary surface selected. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | On | Off | Creates a flat surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to Desired Zed. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | On | On | Creates a curved surface 0 or 90 degrees relative to Desired Zed. | +---------+---------------+---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
  2. I'll also add - Shift + Click to "print until out of resources" button.
  3. Shift + Click to add/remove all of type with Medium Storage I'm suggesting this only for Medium Storage - I think having too many shortcuts would eliminate game play and make it less fun. For example, radius pickup is not something I see as being a good idea. But the medium storage is a perfect size and has the very useful ability to feed and receive items from machines, I see it as being the perfect target for improving our ability to manage items quickly without really changing the feel of the game. So you pickup a (Example Resin) from your pack then hold shift when you click on the storage and it would take the one in your hand and up to seven others from your pack and put them all in the open slots on the storage. Shift clicking on any other drop spot would just drop it alone. It does not take items from any other spot than from your cursor hand-held one and backpack. You Shift + click an item on the storage to pick all of that item up and either drop them or E to send all to your backpack it. Shift + Click on any other storage type or the ground would only pick one just like now.
  4. Bargeral

    Idea: Name saved games.

    Nice, I like the Astroneer names. It would make loosing one much more poignant.
  5. No problem. Done. One thing though, you are clearly intelligent. What you lack is experience. Just keep doing what you are doing and you'll be fine.
  6. Hmm, it's a wonder any instructions work on the Internet with how quickly it all changes. Thinking about it, really it falls under IP law and the DMCA - a quick Google on DMCA Apple turned up this link. Although, as we are not the copyright holders we don't have standing to file on behalf of System Era. It's too bad that you can't just point it out and trust Apple will take the ball and figure it out themselves. I would suggest firing off an email from the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom or to about this. "Found this app using your IP, might want to file a DMCA take down" or something. I could do it if you like, but I figure it's your find.
  7. You should be able to report the app... top result Tap the "App Store" icon on your Home screen and select "Search." Type the name of the offending app in the text field and press the "Search" button. Select the app in the list of search results. Tap the "Report" button to report the issue to Apple.
  8. Thanks! Found that and Changed the res. Menu now shows I have 3440×1440 - and now I cannot change it in the settings screen. The Spacestation menu is still cut off, and ingame the FOV looks the same (took a few screenshots to compare). So I suppose it's higher rez with the same cut off issue. Hope they sort it out whith 1.0 - thanks for the help.
  9. It's not a bug, maybe a suggestion, but I will put it here as a question. Will there be more resolution support, specifically 21:9? Got myself a nice new LG ultrawide monitor. 3440×1440 native. That resolution is not listed in stetting and when I run the game full screen it cuts off the bottom of the space station on the load game screen. Sometimes the "this is early access" notice is stretched and then it goes back to squarish. System Era logo and planets spinning are letterboxed on the sides. in regular Game play I am missing about an inch of visible world on both top and bottom (rather than having the same top to bottom with a wider field of view).
  10. So I'm watching "The Evolution of Astroneer" and I'm seeing a lot of art that is not currently in the game. Some of them are very neat. So I thought they should show up as the derelicts, and wrecks from the past. Moon buggy, buggy with different attach points, the old style rounded base elements, the just-about current sloped edge tables etc. The small buggy train. They wouldn't change game play but would add some sense of history to the story - showing all the past efforts that failed. Look at this old base with old rover, a curiosity to be sure. Also, I thought changing the color scheme on some of the usable derelicts would be neat. So you come upon a crash site, but all the Orange/red on white elements are Blue/green on grey or brown/black on brickred. It stands out as different, and if you get lucky you might be able to own a blue medium storage pallet to two.
  11. This happens to me too. It seems to be when my mouse cursor leaves the game it gets stuck in the state it was in until you click again. So if I go off to my other monitor to look at something it will get stuck. Usually I'm just moving too fast and the cursor swings off on the side by mistake, then the game looses focus and cannot stop until the click brings it back. I wonder if they can issue a clear command when the app looses the focus.
  12. The date and timestamp naming of load files isn't very helpful for finding a certain game. Games don't seem to be in the same "slot" but rather jump around as last loaded changes. Makes it hard to keep separate games, for example your multiplayer planet, or the one whit the really neat base etc. Suggestion. When a player creates a new game ask them to name the drop pod. ex: "Galileo". That Pod will have the name printed on it. When the player comes back to load and play, the pod Galileo will be there and will load the last saved game just like it does now. The first line text would be the pod name (since the printing on the pod would be rather small) and the date/time moved onto the next line or removed. A new icon beneath the load icon looks like a folder, and allows you to load the last X saved files for that pod. Each pod would have it's own file in the savegame folder and it's own save history would be kept separate from other pod save files.