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  1. I'm having the same problem. There's tiny and/or big cracks when you can see the underground several levels down with the resources there. Same bouncing up and down through the fissures.
  2. Update: I suffocated my poor training astroneer and respawned to see if anything changed. The training objective is still incomplete and the printer still unusable. However, I was able to carry the thruster to the ship and launch it into space, finishing the tutorial.
  3. Hello all, Logged in and was going through the tutorial to see what was new. The following happened: 1. Full backpack note won't go away At one point early during the tutorial I must have filled up by backpack and the "your backpack is full" text box appeared by it. The problem is, it doesn't go away even if you empty your backpack fully. It just stays there. Forever. It haunted me. 2. First small printer can't be "examined" I printed and deployed the small printer, connected it to a power source, but when hovering over it, it doesn't give me the option to "examine" it and print the item. I can load materials from my backpack directly into the printer by clicking on the holograms, but there's no way to actually make the printer work. 3. Tutorial step can't be completed To get around the above issue, I printed a second printer from my backpack, which worked normally, and printer the solid-fuel thruster to complete the tutorial objective. The thing is, it doesn't complete the objective step, probably because I'm not using the first printer. I even walked with the printed thruster all the way back to the shuttle and attached it to the shuttle and still nothing. I can't do anything to get around this so I'm going to have to restart the tutorial. See the attached pic for reference. Thanks! Van :leek:
  4. Hello team, Not a game bug, but the price of the game is outdated in the Astroneer Factsheet on the website. Still shows $19.99. Thanks! Van