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  1. By nothing will change anymore I mean: at the time i am writing this. Too close to release date. Which make my suggestions (the ones I write NOW) moot. And I really hate the trend that it's OK to release a half finished game and patch it later.
  2. OK, this is just dumb. It took more than 10 (ten!) minutes for the effing planet to come in range. What kind of people think this is good gameplay???? Who would program something like that???
  3. Well, 6/2 is almost there. So I don't think anything will change anymore and I hope they don't release the game with the same progress pace as it has now. Because come on,the game just goes out of it's way to slow your progress down any which way it can. Slow research, slow moving, all those things that make you lose time (like if you die way out in the field, well good luck in getting your gear back etc.) Without making a long essay of it, it comes down to this: player progress is too goddamn slow and the game does it's hardest to make it even worse. (I'm writing this in the time it takes for
  4. Hi, I only started with Astroneer about 3 weeks ago. As a late starter not having had to undergo earlier builds, I feel I have a blank slate to value the gameplay as it is. Not as how it evolved. So: sandstorms on Terran are way too frequent. When they happen, you can literally do nothing and seen as how long they last, their occurrence is too often. The terrain is too unforgiving to traverse in any kind of rover. You get stuck every 5 seconds behind small boulders if you're not careful and they make driving a train impossible. Having to be on foot to see the compass is annoying. I landed on
  5. I put it in this section as it is not effectively a bug, but: performance on Xbox One is severely lacking (last pre-1.0 version) . Pop-up of resources is game changing as you have to enter the cave corridors to see which and if there are resources. You can't see them from a distance. They only pop up when you're right in front of them. Placing tethers makes the game freeze for about a second every time. Every time. That gets annoying real fast as you've got to place lots when in the caves.
  6. Transporting researchable (is that even a word?) stuff which you find underground is a very unpleasant task. I'm in this extensive and complex cave system that goes quite deep and find lots of unknown objects to research. Now bringing them back above ground one by one takes forever and is annoying to do with the camera difficult to control, often not able to run etc. Building a research chamber underground would be a good solution if it was easier to get power to it. Generators that use resources are again tedious to maintain and wind turbines do seldom get enough wind (and none in a corridor
  7. Rbox

    Beacon not visible

    Well, that's just it. Where to start that slope as you can't see the beacon above ground (you only can when far away). Going the other way could be a solution i.e. building a ramp upwards from the beacon underground. Thing is: I placed the beacon in an elaborate cave system and have much trouble finding it again.
  8. When you place a beacon underground and you approach it above ground, it disapears when you near it (it goes underground). Now I don't know where to start digging to reach the point I marked.
  9. Just wanted to say good job on incorporating Dutch on Xbox. Not too many games do so. Must I thank Annie for that?
  10. And as for keyboard and mouse, a mouse and an analog wand (like the PS move nav) will be far better. I don't need a keyborad on my lap while on the sofa.
  11. I think you are quite unreasonable as to determine with what or what not another player should have trouble with. And did you ask those hundreds personally? Using a controller on PC is NOT the same as using one on console. I too find using the terraforming on Xbox with a controller a complete pain and it needs to be revised.
  12. Hi, I just started playing so I'm immediately on the last alpha build before 1.0. I've only been at it a few hours, but I find this necessary: if the game releases with this control system on Xbox, A LOT of players will quit. It's really, really difficult to use the terraforming to get the surfaces you want. The cursor goes waaay too fast and there is no option to alter sensitivity. I'm one of those players that for all the money in the world cannot play a FPS with a controller. And I find controlling the terraform in Astroneer even more difficult. Please make it manageable.