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  1. I too have had this problem, but only on Radiated. Seemed to be related to where I was standing, because by moving, I could overlap the jumping and make something flat, but super irritating. Using Windows 10, mouse and keyboard, Steam
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I can't seem to recreate it. It happens every now and then when mining, not always when mining a resource. While mining, using canisters (mods don't seem to affect the occurrence), and using the right click to move the camera around, there will be two different things that can happen. Either the mining tool will get stuck on and keep mining even though I have let go of both mouse buttons, or the camera will get stuck looking at the mining tool reticle. A simple left click will remove either condition. I think it may only happen while the mining reticle was above the character's feet level, but I'm not 100% on that. Using Windows 10, mouse and keyboard, Steam
  3. Title says it. I freed a broken solar panel from the ground around one of the large cylindrical wrecks on Terran and moved it to another location, then dropped it on the ground and it fell right through the ground, disappeared. Found a cavern underneath that location and found the salvage there. This has happened more than once. Sometimes I don't know where it goes. I lost several of the really small salvage to this bug, they look like panel covers or something, white with two parallel lines if memory serves. Using Windows 10, mouse and keyboard, Steam