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  1. I recently got Astroneers and I'm overall very happy with the game. The only downside is the sandstorms, which really isn't even that big of a deal. You just go sit in the exo habitat or a cave, and wait it out. In regards to the exo habitat, what I think would help a lot is if you could look through the crafting menu while you sit there. There has been many a time where I'm just sitting in the exo habitat waiting for the sandstorm to end and I'm thinking about what to do next, i.e. what materials I need to get or what my next big crafting project should be, so it would really help being able to just look at the crafting menu while I'm waiting in the exo habitat to make those decisions. I know this isn't a particularly big gameplay change, but honesty I feel that it would add something do in the exo habitat rather than just having to sit and wait. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!