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    Xbox Play Anywhere

    Thank you very much, I installed the game and got to keep the Alpha bonuses. You've made my week!
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    Xbox Play Anywhere

    I have owned Astroneer for three years and for the first year I played on Xbox, Then I switched to PC using Xbox Play Anywhere and everything was fine until 1.0 came out and my game wouldn't update. I removed Astroneer from my PC and tried to reinstall it on the Xbox app and it just says " You Own This Game" but the "install" option is blocked. I don't want to buy the game a second time and lose the stuff we get for playing during Alpha. Has anyone else had this issue/ knows a fix?
  3. I'm Playing on PC ( Xbox play anywhere ) with mouse/keyboard and I haven't had this bug in a really long time. I found the North Pole to set my new base for daylight all the time but a mountain was in my way, After spending hours tacking down the mountain i logged off to build my base the next day, Logging in huge chunks of the mountain reappeared floating in the sky. I'll just build up to build down but it is a bug nonetheless,