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  1. CptWaffle

    Stalagmites & Rocks

    Yes but the problem is when you clear an area it doesn't stay cleared. I have cleared alot of rocks but when i come back later to these spots the rocks have respawned. I really find having to clear everywhere i want to travel over and over again is very tedious and time consuming.
  2. CptWaffle

    Stalagmites & Rocks

    I am starting to see this is maybe not a rock problem, but a vehicle problem. The vehicles seem to have alot of issues, from getting stuck on the smallest things, to falling through the ground. I went on a quick adventure in my rover, and when i returned to base the front end of my buggy seemed to have sunk underneath the ground, i attempted to dig it out and then refill the hole but it just sunk further into the earth until it is now completely unrecoverable. It feels like the geodata is a bit bugged especially when interacting with vehicles while they are moving or just parked.
  3. CptWaffle

    Stalagmites & Rocks

    I hope rocks and stalagmites either get removed, or the number of both are reduced by a large quantity. Having rocks and stalagmites EVERYWHERE, seems like a punishment for wanting to adventure out further from your base with a rover. This game sparks wanting explore, but then you have to deal with maneuvering through an onslaught of rocks or weaving through stalagmites. You would think that's not to much to handle except there are a billion rocks everywhere, which you get hung up on all the time. Having to vacuum every bit of surface before going anywhere is just boring and tedious. I should have to freedom to take my rover anywhere above and below the ground without all these tiny obstacles everywhere. It has been an absolute struggle to keep wanting to play when my rover gets stuck on the smallest rock to have ever stop a moving vehicle.
  4. CptWaffle

    Stalagmites & Rocks

    Mobility is so wonky with stalagmites and rocks everywhere. I honestly feel they are designed to diminish your mobility both above and below ground. I have the urge to want to take my rover and explore, but the experience of getting caught up on every rock kills those urges. Going into caves with my rover is completely out of the question with both rocks and stalagmites everywhere. I really hope there is some serious consideration to remove or even reduce the rocks and stalagmites.
  5. CptWaffle

    Tutorial bug

    After several attempts of redoing the tutorial, i was able to have the message removed once i crafted the canister. I redid the tutorial 4 times
  6. CptWaffle

    Tutorial bug

    Summary: - Steam - Canister Bug Description: The message to craft a canister will not go away once you craft a canister Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: