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  1. Surrealistic Civilization

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Same issue here, pics taken today. Never had this issue before. Didn´t try to go on orbit though
  2. Surrealistic Civilization

    Solarpanel stuck in the air

    Oh and it´s on steam
  3. Surrealistic Civilization

    Solarpanel stuck in the air

    So as you can see, that solarpanel you can drag with a winch and use it as free power got stuck in the air with that winch... How i got this to happen was when i dragged it with a buggy, it flipped and didn´t produce any energy, so i grabbed the winch on hand and noticed that you can flip the panel like that, but then it rised up and when i let go, it got stuck in the air. No movement, just stuck...