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  1. It's a space survival game a lot of them ideas should be implemented. we should have a bigger shelter area where we can eat and do other tasks, to supply food animals and a more diverse plant system needs to be added along with a green house area.
  2. Good idea, I especially like the cave part. Radioactive caves and if implemented such caves in the future should have weird and dangerous creatures along with some rare loot.
  3. Map or compass would be nice, at the moment with the camera angles while the character is holding something it's hard to adjust in order to see the base beacon
  4. I have had that happen already, repeated tech that is. I am sure they will add a lot more in future updates.
  5. The pods I removed from a cave were mixed, what I mean by that I got resources and tech from the naturally occurring pods in the cave. Ok, the resource ones should resplendent but not the tech
  6. Playing away last night and I went to grab a bit to eat when I do so I'd watch YouTube. I never closed astroneer, upon clicking into the game it did a fresh restart. I had saved it prior to this, before I did tho I was exploring a fairly big cave with a great number of research pods down in it. Not sure if you guys are aware of this but after I got back into my game all pods which I had previously researched where back in the cave. It would be a great idea to have them gone after they were researched, I could just keep getting em, save game and load back up to hit them again. Becau
  7. My thoughts exactly, fits the game perfectly, well done to the person/s who made it.
  8. As I said in a previous comment I tried the option in my games and apps but for some reason it's not in there for me, saved game bug not yet reported maybe???
  9. Sorry I should of stated I am playing on Xbox one, went to "my games & apps", "manage game". Where the save file usually is but didn't see it. I am just worried about all the saved files becoming corrupted and the game becoming unplayable. Xbox ones menus have changed recently so the saved files might be in a different menu, I'll snoop around later when i get home. Thanks all for the help and info, much appreciated.
  10. Can someone please advise me here, I am having an issue with a saved game where I cannot interact with in game items such as tethers or the rover because they are causing my game to crash constantly. How do I erase a saved game to start over? I can't seem to find an option for it.
  11. The dev's will fix no worries. It's important to be reporting all these things.
  12. I have also experienced this iss with the rover on Xbox one, I noticed it happens when the rover hits rocks which can't be avoided and is really bad close to base.
  13. I have started noticing the same issue with tethers but not as bad, my game just crashed after an incident with a tether that fell over into a rock. Frame rate crashed and after a minute so did my game. I am also on Xbox one