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  1. Using Keyboard/mouse via steam Terrain Test on the spawn planet I decided to strap two hydrazine thrusters onto the large rover in order to help me get around the new terrain because, though it all looks very nice, you kind of need to fly in order to get anywhere with how aggressive the hills are. This was the first time I had ever used the thrusters on a land vehicle since the original thruster was introduced back when the power cords were still tubular, so I wanted to see if I could exit the atmosphere of the planet using the large rover. Using one of the hills as a ramp, I successfully achieved a vertical momentum which would have definitely gotten me off the planet if not further. but my rover froze at what must have been the maximum altitude and it stayed there. (Again, I had never tried this before, so I thought perhaps it was just a 0 gravity atmosphere) I exited the rover to try and put more hydrazine in the thrusters and fell to my death.
  2. Chalkhorsi

    Buggys getting randomly stuck

    Mine as well, this happened with all three rovers every now and again and happened most frequently on the new terrain tester. most of the times it got stuck was when I first made it or had just exited the seat (on the normal terrain). But the rovers seemed to get stuck just randomly on the new terrain when I was driving around a lot of rocks (wasn't stuck on the rocks, just near it) or when I was stuck in a steep ditch.