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  1. The Tether bug from early release is still in the game. When you have the Terrain tool out and you hit T to place a Tether, the tether is placed on top of your terrain tool and not on the ground. When you move the tether will either stay there or fall, often times it falls and doesn't work thus you have to pick up the tether and place it. Please make it correctly place the tether even when you have the Terrain Tool in hand. Thank you.
  2. What did you drag it home with the crane?
  3. I know there was a bug posted a while back about ground issues after a reload, not sure if that is the same as what you are experiencing.
  4. That is when you hit escape and select the menu option; Save and Exit to Main Menu.
  5. If you notice, the area above where you say the slit is, is gray. This is placed dirt by a player, so therefore the "slit" is a player made area and not a bug or issue.
  6. When saving and exiting to main menu while inside a Exo-Hab the game will drop to the save screen with the yellow box and the three dots in it, however it will hang here and not recover, thus requiring an Alt-F4 to get out