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  1. There have already been a few times where I've run across a 'clash' of resources - an area where resin and graphite overlap or compound and malachite - and trying to position the extractor to get the right resource is a royal pain. Even IF you get it to pull the right resource it can later on pull a different resource and pause the whole collection process if you don't have an extra canister to deal with the other resource. Perhaps make a 'selector' where you can select which resource to pull from the ground if it detects more than one? That would be very useful. Jandus
  2. Bug #1 Summary: Launch of the game through Steam will prompt to shut down dedicated server (it seems to think that Astroneer (the actual client game) is running on two different systems, when, in actuality, I'm running the dedicated server and client on two computers. Description: Dedicated server is running - Launch client Astroneer on seperate computer - Game prompts to shut down the dedicated server and will not proceed until it does so (Steam prompts) If I Launch the client game and then go to launch the dedicated server, it'll prompt to shut down the dedicated server.
  3. If I put two ammonium in my chemistry lab to create a hydrazine canister, it works but the canister is only half full when it's done and I can't pull it out. If I then try to make another canister of hydrazine with more resources I have while that half-full canister is still in there, it goes through the process but then once it's done, the game crashes to desktop. Repeatable. Happens every time. Jandus
  4. A few suggestions about identifications and inventory. 1. Be able to change the color of the flags for the field and regular habitat utilities as seen from space or on the planet. If I put down a base and then put down another habitat somewhere else on the planet there's no way to distinguish between them without adding a beacon of some type - which seems a bit awkward when you could do it with just one flag. 2. Since the game seems to incentivize you to create bases at multiple locations on planets (with many different landing zones), it can get very very confusing what base has
  5. I totally understand the idea of the smallest shuttle only allowing one occupant but when you get to medium and large . . why? Seems a bit ridiculous to have the largest shuttle in the game and if I wanna go anywhere with my friends, I have to waste valuable space in the cargo hold to add a seat of some type! Suggestion: Scale the shuttles and the amount of people that can join along. Small - 1, Medium - 2, Large - Everyone. OR - perhaps add another type of shuttle that can hold everyone with a good deal more cargo room? It just seems so awkward to have to put seats i
  6. Oh really? Nice. Well, if the Devs decide that the shuttles are off-limits for shredding I just might do this. Thanks for the info!
  7. And btw, if the goal is to be able to shred everything, with this 'rule' setup, I don't see how you could ever do it. Every new tier you create wouldn't be able to be shredded without making another tier.
  8. Sounds like a plan. If you wanna be consistent then this sounds fine if not a bit awkward - to package something JUST to shred it. I'd just like to get rid of all this junk I don't need. Hell, I'd be willing to be able to blow up the shuttles if just to get rid of them! Jandus
  9. I agree that everything that can be made and found as scrap out on these planets should be able to be turned into scrap. As for shuttles - why not? You plan on making an Extra Extra Large Scrapper just for those? I still have my small and medium shuttles sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Would be nice to reconstitute those items into something useful instead of continuing to be an eyesore. Jandus
  10. Did a test with the Extra Large Platform C. Put a Chemistry Lab on it along with the new large silos. Any resource attached to these silos was NOT detected by the Chemistry Lab when creating items. Same situation with the Soil Extractor. Haven't tested it with other platforms but assume it's probably the same. Jandus
  11. Jandus

    dGPU issue?

    Hello there! I was enjoying this game quite a bit on my old MSI laptop (Intel i7-7700HQ) with a dGPU being the Nvidia GTX 1060. The machine didn't have any problems identifying the 1060 and playing on that install of the Intel integrated GPU on my system. I no longer have that system and now have an Acer Nitro 5 with an AMD chip. The integrated GPU is the Vega 8 and the dGPU is now the 560X. No matter what I do, it will NOT use the 560X. I use Windows 10's ability to assign a GPU (under display options) and even the Radeon settings to assign the GPU via a profile. Nothing wo