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  1. Did a test with the Extra Large Platform C. Put a Chemistry Lab on it along with the new large silos. Any resource attached to these silos was NOT detected by the Chemistry Lab when creating items. Same situation with the Soil Extractor. Haven't tested it with other platforms but assume it's probably the same. Jandus
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    dGPU issue?

    Hello there! I was enjoying this game quite a bit on my old MSI laptop (Intel i7-7700HQ) with a dGPU being the Nvidia GTX 1060. The machine didn't have any problems identifying the 1060 and playing on that install of the Intel integrated GPU on my system. I no longer have that system and now have an Acer Nitro 5 with an AMD chip. The integrated GPU is the Vega 8 and the dGPU is now the 560X. No matter what I do, it will NOT use the 560X. I use Windows 10's ability to assign a GPU (under display options) and even the Radeon settings to assign the GPU via a profile. Nothing works. I'm using the very latest version of the game and would very much like to continue playing. Playing the game with the Vega 8 integrated graphics is simply not fun since it's not powerful enough to run the game. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Jandus