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  1. rommel1453

    Excavation tool bug

    we need to solve this issıe. Devolopers İf you need more information pls contact us.Or if have you a solution pls inform us. This is very anoying. same problem. steam 1.x all versions my computer is ok also it was open game smoothely when in beta and i dont have problem with it. now playing gives me pain.
  2. rommel1453

    Is this a joke?

    well i buy this game in ea and it was fine realy. but 1.0 is a mass for me . too much bugs. İ cant play 30 min without saying f*** it. i dont wacht youtubers streamears videos about 1,0 . i was so exited now i am very disapointed . if dev wass say we have some difficultis so we delay game release i will said ok . but like this no . As a gamer i paid for it and i want decent ver. so i can play . look at the steam points its going down.
  3. exactly the same senario happens to me . İts make game unplayable.
  4. rommel1453

    Bug issues

    same happens to me too. İ start new game again but notting change.
  5. same happen with reseach stuf twice in ten min.
  6. rommel1453 – Steam – Rocky Soil Bug

    this is happans me all the time and every type of soil. also astronieer try to move when digging. steam.
  7. rommel1453

    Looking For Players Megathread

    Platform(s): Steam Location: İstanbul / Turkey Language(s): English / Turkish Microphone: Yes . also if you dont have no worry Looking for: 1 or more Can play from: working days after 20:00 sunday saturday depends but mostly after 13:00 Can host: yes free to email me :
  8. we are here to build a star gate . We landed to gether recorces for building it. first 2or more companies failed to do it.( (this also explane debrises) So system era take the bid to build it. while we travel to this system there is a bug appeard. Bug locks some starship computer . To unluck combuter needs bytes. ( so its explain why we need reasarch).We will also find why they were failed . (optinal) stargate needs lots of recource total like : 1k copper 1k alu 4k scrap 40diomand ext. we send this mattereals phase by phase to build it. when stargate will build game will end but we can chose to living on planet . what you think. Sorry for my english.
  9. Summary: 10.05- Steam - pillars and Resource deposits Description: İ made a road( bridge-ramp) for crossing great opening in underground. Later i came back to that place there are pillars a zebra ball and ammoniom resorce spawn om my road. i will add pic later . İ dont know is it bug or game mecanic. For yor consure tnx. Platform: Steam / Version / Build Number: 10.5 lates
  10. rommel1453

    Screenshots Megathread

    My rover train setup.Looks badass
  11. rommel1453

    to better game play

    well i think i have some ideas . 1. Pathfinding tool or map tool to help travel . More than one time i lost my way . Becons helpful but i want to travel all world.make it researceble and buildable pls. 2. landing path: to set spesific landing points to our shuttles.make it researceble and buildable pls. 3-defueling unused shuttles fuels or let us emptying them. 4-informatin panel for items ext or ingame information panel .Let new players more info abaut in game rother then entering wiki. İf player wants more informatin he can visit wiki too. 5-let us upgrade low tier platforms to better ones may be upgarede machine . or let us to send Shredder pls. i think thats all. godjob devolopers its a fun to play game .