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  1. Do you mean like a physical barer or an energy field that you can only make with a recourse you can only get from asteroids.
  2. What if you could use a special device that can keep asteroids in the solar system. And there would be different caps on how many asteroids there can be depending on what planets they're between.
  3. I think it would be interesting if there were asteroids that come into the solar system randomly. You would be able to land on them with a special space shuttle and collect resources that only spawn on said asteroids. But the only way you could find them is if you use a observatory, ( only fits on extra large platforms A and C) that spots incoming asteroids and calculates how much longer they will be in the solar system. If you stay on the asteroid when it leaves the solar system you then die and spawn back on Sylva. I think the observatory should cost 20,000 bytes and the shuttle 15,000 b
  4. I got a recruit and P.A.L. bundle form pax west and the P.A.L. bundle has not given me the pallet or the visor. It said that the redemption was successful but after restarting my computer i still have not revived it.
  5. I was on a friends save, and after a large lag spike the chemistry lab screen was locked on the image below. I don't know what that is for but it wasn't useful.
  6. How do i get a code and where do i redeem it?
  7. I was going around Sylvia activating the gate ways and a couple of times my vehicles have sunk into the ground an i haven't seen them seance.
  8. At least you guys are doing the best you can with the time crunch.
  9. When exploring new parts of a plant my buggy gets stuck.