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  1. The materials as-is make sense. Pre-spaceflight overland explorer niche is already filled by the tractor/trailer setup. Moving the medium rover up sooner would unnecessarily squish the tractor's early game role. Unlike the Large rover, the Medium rover can be made at locations from native materials without copper. I would imagine this describes most players' first trips to Desolo, before you have a trade platform up and running to get copper another way. Additionally, keeping the status quo of the medium rover NOT requiring aluminum keeps it a niche when you don't have spare metal, as both the size down (tractor) and size up (large rover) require aluminum.
  2. I haven't experienced this on AMD hardware. Must be related to Proton.
  3. I've noticed something weird about the stereo audio but was never able to firmly nail down the behavior and what specifically felt broken.
  4. Hah! That's awesome.
  5. Excellently documented bug! This is not a CPU or GPU vendored issue. I've experienced this on intel CPU, intel (integrated) GPU, and nvidia GPU hardware.
  6. I wanted to echo the above positive message about the game. I've easily put another 30 hours in across several multiplayer games. Yes, there are still a few bugs, but nothing maddeningly so. I'm spending my time playing through the game rather than encountering bugs to file. There's so many little improvements that I love about the 1.0 release: Soil centrifuge spinning out 8 resin instead of 4 saves time. Woo! Several modules (esp Large Storage) are now removable and spinnable! This is a little change that goes a long way. It resolves many other issues folks had by just sidestepping the problem The new shuttles! They have the right look to them that just feels thematic. Vehicle Bay --> Large Printer We can now make shelters! Tractor is awesome! I love that they're fast enough to have some absurd fun with. Repackager! A use for graphite! Pack up those medium solar panels you scavenged and bring them to kickstart your next early-game base! There is still something zen about this version of the explorer builder genre. It's better than the others because of what is intentionally excluded - no weapons/combat, no hardcore 'eat the mutant cannibals' survival mechanic, no wear&tear/damage mechanic on rovers. Thank you folks for all the work and effort in building this. But I know that this is your livelihoods too. I also voted with my wallet and bought several copies for others. Keep it up!
  7. Looking at the primary differences between what you're running and I'm running.... OS. Your Windows 10 build is a major version behind. Try patching it to latest production release. GPU. I don't have an Intel GPU in my rig, whereas you do. Do you have anything plugged into yours? Hopefully you've only connected displays to the nvidia GPU. Display. Have you tried toggling G-SYNC on and off? Does Windowed mode work? Power. This game tends to load many cores at once. Are you stable under full power load (furmark or similar)? I'm also not able to see the attachments you uploaded for some reason.
  8. I can reproduce... but I also think this is not a bug. It holds onto the same position in the ground while you hold down right click, and then snaps to the new position immediately after you let it go.
  9. Congrats on shipping! 1.0 looks great so far. Sorry to list another bug so soon. Summary: 1.0.3 - Steam - Objects fall through launch platform Description: Objects held and dropped above the floor of the launch platform will fall right through it. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.3 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 1809 CPU: Ryzen 2600X GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 16gb DDR4 at 3200 Disk: Samsung 850 Pro 1tb
  10. This is not the game's fault - contact the device manufacturer (in this case, Microsoft). Also consider cleaning your console:
  11. I've seen this occasionally myself. Digging the terrain under the rover for a split second appears to reset it, and I continue on my merry way.