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  1. Couldn't figure out how to edit my post to add in the tag so I'm just re-posting with the idea tag. See:
  2. I failed at tagging this thing with the idea tag...and it won't let me edit the original post....oops!
  3. I would love to see something where it could make it easier for you to expand your locations and have multiple locations on multiple planets you can bounce back and forth from using a space station as your overall hub to transport to and from. I'm thinking the concept would work a lot like the base building in subnautica but in space instead and allow you to move around outside the base to enhance it (obviously thinking way future forward as it would require new mechanics but even just having it as a place to store resources would be super helpful to warp back and forth from initially).
  4. Hello, I'm too lazy to scour the entirety of the forum but I thought you might like to know that, in playing the game for awhile, I built a large tether network. When I was off the tether and just tooling around I got no lag but the minute I re-attached to the tether, regardless of where I was, I got a massive amount of lag/framerate issues. I run 32gb DDR Ram, i7 Core with liquid cooling, 2 16gb GTX Superclocked 1070s that are SLI'd together so I know the framerate issue is not with my computer. Thanks! -WhiSKeY