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  1. Thanks Mcnotmac. I´ll try that out once I find some zinc
  2. Thank you! Going to try and make one of those if I ever find some tungsten to make a chemistry lab.
  3. *Update* The rock floats when I suck up all the soil around it
  4. I also experience storm effects in a second layer cave but not always, sometimes there is a storm and it doesn´t "go" into the cave but sometimes it does and then I get the dust and the swaying tethers but I haven´t seen rocks go flying or been killed by this. I think maybe somewhere I haven´t discovered yet there is a direct opening the storm can get through so it only happens if the wind direction is a specific direction. I don´t know if this is supposed to be this way, if it´s a bug or if it is something else
  5. Hey so I was in a cave and I found two of these black rocks/soil bits and I can´t suck them up with the terrain tool, in fact the terrain tool doesn´t do anything to them. Does any one here know what they are? Here is a photo: