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  1. +1 same bug, and very annoying indeed... Same bug on the tractor and I think it's the same for any vehicle..
  2. Playing on Steam I noticed Astroneer was using around 70% of my CPU nearly all the time, i have i5-7600K 3.8GHz and win64 Is this normal or will the game be optimized in the next updates ? Thanks for reading.
  3. Noticed a bug where a friend of mine took away the seat from the buggy while i was still in it. He was then able to carry me everywhere x) He tried to throw me from very high, but i took no fall damage and i even got through the ground in a cave. What's more, you can't die of suffocation if u're staying in the seat ! Had a pretty long time staying in it waiting for my friends to save me ! Thanks for considering !
  4. Hello developpers, I've been playing the game for 40 hours by now in a quite tryharding mode.. x) I noticed one problem which was the most annoying in my opinion. In a multiplayer game, we have explored a lot the earth planet and so we have made a really long oxygen line. The problem is that now, when we add a new tether to the chain, the game freezes for like 1sec. I believe the problem is the "animation" of the tether linking to the whole big chain. This problem isn't happening in other planets in which we don't have a long oxygen line. Thanks for considering this. :)