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    RTGs Too Overpowered

    If you think that RTGs are OP just don't build it.
  2. Chrompower


    Das Spiel ist leider voller Bugs, das ist einer davon. Da kannst du nichts machen, außer hoffen dass ein Update kommt.
  3. Chrompower

    Base Locator?

    Good idea
  4. Hello Astroneers, I really like the design of the new Large Shuttle. But in my opinion there should be space for more passengers (for example three to four in total). I just want to fly around and explore the universe together with my friends. I know that I can add more Seats but then I lose the biggest advantage of the Large-Shuttle: Cargo-space. If you play alone the Large Shuttle is a great upgrade, but if you play with friends it's just a disappointment. Of course I could build 3-4 Large-Shuttles, but it makes way more fun to fly together in one shuttle 🙂 What do you think guys?
  5. Chrompower

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    I totally agree with the guy above me. No dedicated servers is the thing that holds me back from playing it and recommending the game to my friends. I have anything but a cheap computer but after a certain playtime it's just UNPLAYABLE. Constant 15-20 FPS. For my friends everything is OK but for me as the server-host it's complete trash. I do not understand why it has no priority. It's actually not possible to play Coop with your friends although Astroneer is a COOP GAME! @ERA can you PLEASE give us any information about this topic?