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    As a long time player on both PC and Xbox One, here are some suggestions. 1.) Make the compass visible in a HUD style. Something that appears say at the top center of the screen. Doesn't need to be complicated, just something that indicates N, S, E, and W. It would be nice to have this available in vehicles as well for navigation. 2.) Beacons and Base Markers that are visible in the sky. Make them visible through clouds. It's rough to place a line of beacons while navigating, only to have them obscured by clouds. 3.) If you wanted to add to the Compass HUD idea, how about being able to toggle the beacon, or the base, off or on to appear on the Compass as a colored dot? 4.) I see a lot of comments about a map. And this can get complicated and take a lot of development. At the simplest, a Latitude and Longitude reading would be nice. Something we could at least write down and keep notes on. Thinking about this while playing, perhaps make a more complex map available while inside the Habitat. Give the player a global view, similar to the one seen in orbit, that allows them to see other landing zones, beacons, and players, much like a command center or a way to coordinate with multiplayer mode. 5.) This last comment, well, it's more of a rant than anything. I hadn't played Astroneer in quite a few updates. Back when there were only a few platforms available. And yes, the system was broken, when you could convert power into Hydrazine and trade away for anything you needed. Or recently when the Soil Centrifuge allowed you to duplicate any resource you had, and everything was on one planet. I understand you wanted to encourage exploration, and now that I've deeply invested in this latest update, it's awesome, if not nerve wracking. My one major complaint about the game, is the lack of information about the game. For instance, the Chemistry Lab. When you are combining ingredients, you should be able to hover over the element you need, and a popup window should appear, telling you about the element, where to find it, what planets it can be found on, or what machine produces/refines it. Much like the Wiki, make this available in game. It was very frustrating to have to stop playing the game to go and look on the wiki for what planets Hematite can be found on, or that Iron is smelted from Hematite. Other than that, it's been an awesome journey, and overall, you have done an amazing job with this game. The latest updates have really added content, the multiplayer is so much fun, and I'm glad I bought this game. It's one of a few games I can always pick up and play, and get lost in for a few hours. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future. Thank you again.