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  1. endurance

    Rework of the Fuel Condenser

    this is a conspiracy from the DEVS they want us to stay inside the base ... and not notice the FPS DROP that occurs when you explore
  2. endurance

    Non-Human Astronauts

    cool idea but i think i might be developed far later than we expect.
  3. endurance

    Bigger Drill

    so it seems this is not the right time for the drill to be expanded we will practice patience
  4. endurance

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    on PC the black tether problem is solved by getting to the main menu and connecting again to the save you had the problem. it worked for me once.
  5. endurance

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    I think it's combined.... tethers and new terrain. it feels like the game gathers data and thinks about it ALL THE TIME. i know that in programming terms it doesn't have any sense but that's what it feels like. my 200 tether chain makes my pc drop to 15-18 fps. when i disconnect the chain ..... 35-40 FPS.
  6. endurance

    Beacon description, map

    a better idea would be for the beacon to scan the area in a 1 mile or kilometer radius or 100meters and make a list of the resources there. The list should be visible when the beacon appears on the "radar"
  7. endurance

    If you have low FPS look here

    i can confirm the tether FPS drop ... i placed aprox 200 towards the center of the planet digging a tunnel ... and my fps dropped to 15. when i disconnected the chain of tethers .. it went to 40 FPS again... so the problem might be there for different reasons.
  8. endurance

    Found something newish?

    i've dug towards the center of the "terran planet" during 2 hours but because there is no map... i ended up digging in circles. one cool thing was the lack of gravitiy in towards the center. the core of the planet is made of blocks of green material. one problem are the tethers because they still drop FPS. i connected aprox 200 tethers and my FPS dropped at 15. when I disconnected the chain that was going to the tunnel the FPS went back to 40. I don't have the latest specs on the market but my pc is pretty solid. so digging is a problem now. I say digging because the drilling takes forEVER ... i tried to level a mountain with a drill and no way JOSE
  9. i didn't know ... i guess i still have a lot of options to explore thanks
  10. lovely solutions. thank you ... i like the way you think
  11. not bad. good job. the "downside" is that you can't extend a platform. with another node. but good fix for the moment
  12. endurance

    Steam or Windows Store?

    it all depends where you want to play the game at this particular moment. Sofa or pc. asuming you don't have the steam link and steam controller.
  13. it looks nice maybe because of a rock underneath. one of those hard rocks that can't be moved
  14. BTW I always use 3 nodes in order to build a platform. 2 extensions 1 platform.