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  1. I still opt for this suggestion, now that the game is becoming easier and easier with every update
  2. Here is how it would look like if we additionally had a grappling arm for the crane (so you could move stuff around just like you can on foot - just with some more horse power to back it up. Meaning: grabbing XL sized objects won't stop a rover from still being able to move - unlike an Astroneer).
  3. Sure, I don't mind having a large generator, but how does it help the medium generator? if anything it would make it even more obsolete. Why even have it in the game if it doesn't have a use case? Theoretically it has it perks being medium sized module but as long as it keeps its unimpressive power output at the expense of an extreme coal consumption rate it just doesn't make sense at all.
  4. I posted this originally on reddit, but thought i should post a link here too. The issue is that in the current gameplay the coal generator is somewhat lacking which I have tried to point out with a specific use case. I've also added a poll there an the result clearly favors a significant buff:
  5. open your task manager and check your RAM during loading. This is when the game allocates the most memory. If you run out of memory... you won't be able to load. If that's your issue then try closing everything else before starting Astroneer - if it's enough and you get into the game the memory load gets much smaller and it not a problem anymore. Well, of course you can also always consider extending your RAM to solve it. Anyhow save files with a lot of play time tend to grow big, especially when you have changed too much of the terrain all around the solar system. I have found that espec
  6. I have posted the suggestion originally on reddit but wanted to put a link in here too (with concept prictures): A detailed description can be found here:
  7. Oh, and also this (more detailed post on this idea):
  8. Yeah, since their removal a lot of people have been constantly lagging to bring them back. I am also one of them and hope there will be a "survival mode" as opposed to the "adventure" one with all those features reworked and enabled again. And I also hope that rewoking means the mechanic have a more diverse interaction then it did before.
  9. you got it somewhat wrong. Automation allows you to save time so you can spend more of it on... more automation. If done right, then this is indeed a self sustaining gameplay goal. here is why: for automation suddenly many buildings will become dedicated to one recipe only... so you will need more buildings. more buildings need more resources, so that's what you will have to spend time on at the start. And given that the amount needed might deplete all nearby sources such that getting new shipments will take more and more exploration and road building. Then setting up your automation, takes it
  10. Wow, that sounds like you got yourself into quite an unplanned adventure. Enjoy it while it lasts . In my gameplay everything went quite according to plan and I had little trouble setting everything up on Atrox, produce RTGs, unlock all gateways with RTGs and... game over nothing left to do. As for your shuttle there isn't much you can do sadly. If it fell through the ground it usually falls downt to the next cave level - so exploring there in a organized fashion would be the first thing i'd try. But on Atrox there are some micro cavities where it could potentially get stuck mid rock. In
  11. No, sadly storms are all gone and while there are not written off entirely, they won't come back any time soon. Admittedly they were somewhat annoying at the very start of the game where players only had the option to sit them out. So removing them from the terran start planet was probably a good thing. but doing so on all other planets as well was very unfortunate.
  12. Thinking about resources, how about having medium and large resource items additional to the regular small ones that we can put into out backpacks? The medium and large ones couldn't be directly used in any recipe but they would have to be processed into small items first. Of course the resource extractor wouldn't have a problem of mining those larger resources and extract small ones from it directly. Alternative ways of processing would be dynamite and the shredders (but those methods may yield less). the large resource items shouldn't be movable by hand like some large wreckage. further
  13. Great to hear that automation is next on the agenda and the prototypes i have seen are were already quite interesting. Given that the game has quite a few recipes to go through we will have enough automated production lines to build and setup - so this will be the biggest content update in terms of time needed to fully go through it. Therefore I am soo looking forward to it. But as it is still in a development I would like to address the typical balancing issues that come up with any such concepts. First of all there is the issue of resources and sinks. It doesn't make that much sen
  14. Well, such things always depend of the lobbing from the players. the more topic of storms keep getting brought up and being discussed the sooner the devs will have to rethinking their position. but obviously their reintroduction will not be just switching on the old code - it requires some refining, performance improvements and a better integration into the gameplay such that they become more meaningful then just a time-killing nuisance in the late game. in other words: design and development time. so yeah, that makes them unlikely to appear too soon.
  15. i admit that when i was watching the old Astroneer trailer, it was storms that wakened my the sense of adventure just enough to let me go purchase this game over a few alternatives. i was looking a minecrafty game but i find just building stuff for its own sake quite boring. so yeah, the storms, the dark places and the trailer having a spirit of exploration of the unknown ultimately gave me the push i needed to go with it.