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    Well, such things always depend of the lobbing from the players. the more topic of storms keep getting brought up and being discussed the sooner the devs will have to rethinking their position. but obviously their reintroduction will not be just switching on the old code - it requires some refining, performance improvements and a better integration into the gameplay such that they become more meaningful then just a time-killing nuisance in the late game. in other words: design and development time. so yeah, that makes them unlikely to appear too soon.
  2. Killtech

    Unique planet mechanics / hazards

    i admit that when i was watching the old Astroneer trailer, it was storms that wakened my the sense of adventure just enough to let me go purchase this game over a few alternatives. i was looking a minecrafty game but i find just building stuff for its own sake quite boring. so yeah, the storms, the dark places and the trailer having a spirit of exploration of the unknown ultimately gave me the push i needed to go with it.
  3. Killtech

    Bring back hazards

    i very much approve on these ideas... mostly becuase i have written down a similar list myself some time ago . my post has a dev response, so you might want to check it out.
  4. Killtech

    Storage Content Constraints

    yeah, this is a popular idea around here, +1 for reference:
  5. Killtech

    Starting new games on all planets

    yeah, i made a topic on this aspect as well. but as this kind of thinking goes half way towards looking for a (more challenging) survival gameplay, i framed my topic this way. anyhow i think that if made right this could really add a lot to the game, and a reason to spend a lot of hours more playing it.
  6. Killtech

    1 Million Bytes!

    it's still a bit off but i wouldn't risk it going over 2'147'483'647... you know, just so you don't lose all your bytes to an integer overflow
  7. well, it will be larger then medium. anyhow, shouldn't the devs change the game first such that there is a reason to build such a building? i have build a single large solar panel after lading on Atrox for the first time - with its main purpose to power the gas production for my first RTG after which i didn't need it anymore. that is a very narrow window where such power buildings have an actual use. other than that they are just deco. as it stands they should delay the release of it until there is enough reason to build any type of such power producers. maybe add it together with some new big end game constant power consumers! or when adding a survival mode with rebalanced RTGs, and smaller resource deposits such that power output per resource construction costs becomes a relevant and thus makes them worthwhile compared to the medium variants.
  8. Now that creative has been released i think the next thing the game should focus on is to add various types of hazards and challenges to counteract how trivial the game has become after all the updates since launch. Because as it stands for me there is really nothing interesting left to do. even take something like the wanderer update: with a drill+paver rover it's just a matter of driving in a straight line towards the objective... the ability to completely ignore the terrain makes it entirely uninteresting and merely a short grind. The idea of a survival mode is to have a game mode different then sandbox that is differently balanced and with new additional hazards for those players that seek this kind of gameplay. for one this mode would be tailored for replayability, i.e. it would encourage to start new games with different starting conditions like on different planets and other factors increasing difficulty (ofc with special achievements and special visual unlocks). the plan would then be to slowly add new hazards for each planet (from the quoted list below) along with a new starting location and a challenge to survive that. this could be done in an iteration of one planet & hazard per patch. furthermore for the survival mode only there should be a complete rebalance of the mechanics that trivialize the game the most, namely terrain modification tools. there is a reason why for example games like Subnautica originally had a terrain tool in it's early access that was removed in the final game due to how negatively it impacted exploration which is what the game is all about. this is of course no template for Astroneer but still something to learn from: for example rework terrain hardness to become a relevant mechanic (for example better drills drain significantly more power (x5-x15)? drilling slowdown even for diamond drills? drill wear? no drill mods for terrain tool - it doesn't even drill, it sucks terrain!) and power management (mid and late game i had never to worry about power at all since there is barely anything that consumes constant power; on top of that RTGs make everything obsolete). please just make it so that finding a cave that leads downwards is far more rewarding than straight drilling a new passage downwards from right where you are!! the other thing is resource abundance. Finding my first Laterite (aluminium) vain of Silva felt like it suffices for the entirety of the game with the only challenge of how to transport that much stuff in the early game? we don't consume alu in these quantities so having such large and easily accessible deposits early on makes it near worthless and trivializes progression. Interestingly on Calidor however i found that laterite deposits in the shallow caves are much smaller and don't extend into the ground at all. but of course that doesn't matter as it isn't a starting planet. Anyhow i think there should be difficulty/world-generation settings when starting a new game, one of witch would be resource scarcity. for reference here are a few topics i made about balancing:
  9. oh the "happy little terrain" comment is soo Bob R.O.S.S.
  10. Killtech

    Terrain tool mods improve crane drilling

    i don't think that alone would be enough to make the crate worthwhile to build. What if it would get a complete rework instead? this includes addition of rover control (as like for a real crane vehicle which are piloted from the crane seat), usage of mods, increased range, ...
  11. Killtech

    Special Filter Slot for Silos

    yeah, ideas of this kind come up every now and then. i thought about the same for the silos but due to the massively annoying clipping issues those cause i thought it would be more reasonable to introduce another end game storage that has a very similar mechanic as you described but also eliminates most of the severe clipping as well.
  12. yeah, i'd probable would buy it, too. but out of curiosity, a space suit always includes headgear... which translates to 'hat' in other games. and we can also exchange the visor separately. say, weren't you staunchly opposed to such cosmetic stuff in the other thread?
  13. after playing with a friend for a while and letting him lead on what we were doing next i have to revise my original statement a little bit. watching someone play with a fresh view on the game brought some magic back i must admit. where he sees walls and walks around it i just see terrain that apart from obstructing my sight isn't an obstacle. so exploring the caves in search of resources (without him knowing that some ammonium cannot be found in the shallow caves) and research nodes by mostly following the landscape layout rather then brute force terraforming our way through felt like back in the old days and it was far more interesting to play that way - albeit you have to bring the patience to do things the long and ineffective way since i always saw how much easier we could've achieved the same. that said i have learned that there are still natural tunnels connecting the cave layers but they are somewhat rare. but it is a statement that for someone that played so much i didn't event notice that. exploration and survival games normally present you with a set of many riddles. how to get there? where to find x? how to master survival in various types of environments against different challenges? but in Astroneer we have a lot of those cheat-like powerful tools at our disposal that take all these puzzles away leaving merely creative gameplay. perhaps that is fine for those that are looking for such an experience but for me it is just not very interesting.
  14. eh, don't call the current sandbox mode 'survival'. apart from being able to die, there is not much else that compares to survival mode in other games. as for resourcs, yeah in sandbox it takes a little time to set up your 3-4 bases on each planet and haul a rover full of silos of resources back to base. but after that is done you have infinite resources anyway. so the difference for me between sandbox and crative is whether i have to look for the storage silo with the proper resources or can take them right out of the catalog. basically a convenience improvement i personally just classify as a QoL change. and don't forget that in sandbox most people don't start new games that often but rather play on their old saves... so you can scratch the build-up phase from the comparison and it is the only time where the gameplay really differs beyond some convenience details. as for roads... do you use them? gameplay wise there no point of having multiple bases on one planet and therefore nothing to connect with roads. okay there is the ramp to the planet core that one uses once(!). i mean whole point of making roads is to reuse them to boost efficiency. but given that we have drill+payer+rover combo there is no point in doing that! it's a free movement option that is even better then the fly mode in creative as it basically allows you to completely ignore terrain (unless going into the sky where you will eventually run out of soil). fine, i admit that using the drill+paver in this capacity is not a great choice because changing so much terrain impacts performance and doesn't look pretty. maybe roads could be practical to help orientation to mark a certain route - similar to what i mostly use tethers for in the early game. but the planet core is trivial to find and besides that there is not much reason to travel the planet or at least revisit any location. color picker: yeah, you are right. the pipette is a nice addition, but still inferior to the terrain analyser in several aspects. that makes it even less of an distinctive feature between the modes but rather a minor QoL. not sure how that helps your argument though.
  15. the new creative mode exposes a few noteworthy aspects about the current sandbox game mode: look how little actually needs changing to go from sandbox to full creativity mode! the terrain tool in creative is nearly the same as the current one. yeah, it has a easier pipette function - but since terrain color don't really matter mechanics wise i wonder why we don't get the same in the normal game but rather have to go through cumbersome terrain analyzers (it would make sense to make it more difficult if the terrain produced would have some different gameplay associated with it). and the flying mode: looks like a tier 3 upgrade for the jetpack - as in a little more convenient and better but not so different after all. and even being able to turn off oxygen and power requirements is not such a big change. i mean there is the portable oxygenator but i have unequipped mine long ago as i used it far too rarely to justify the occupied slot. i am not to say that this is bad, but i just wanted to point out how much the game is catering for the creative gameplay and thus how little these game modes will actually differ. that said it should become clear that for exploration or survival focused gameplay the current sandbox modes is completely unsuited for: exploration focus requires that it is not trivial to get everywhere such that it feels like an achievement to reach a certain location. survival on the other hand is about problem solving, a puzzle game how to ensure ones survival on short and long term - and this again requires that this isn't trivial and more importantly that there are problems to solve to begin with. otherwise what's the achievement in surviving?