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  1. Killtech

    Triptych Technology

    Well, all the alien technology and the Tryptych as part of it have one outstanding feature: teleportation. gameplaywise however it is indeed not overly convenient to make use of the gates. therefore new teleportations buildings that can be placed anywhere would be a useful addition and making them require a Tryptych to render these operational makes also sense. Since we still don't have much use for astronomium it could also be implicated in teleportation either as building material or fuel. A device to teleport just items seems rather odd it me. i am not entirely sure i can follow your description how it is supposed to work and therefore i find it hard to judge how practically useful it could be. imho teleportation buildings should come in two sizes: one medium-sized personal version, that works much like the gates (but with a new and better menu to select the destination) and a large version which allows vehicles to use it. it should also allow any object to pass through if dropped at the portal. that would require to make the large a version a point to point connection but perhaps with a control to change the end point. As for your other ideas, i can see some benefit in upgraded versions of common items and buildings. however binding all of these to a Tryptch feels like overkill. As for the terrain tool agument in specific, i strongly disagree. the terrain tool is completely overpowered in its current state and it really doesn't need any more buffs. also in the end game i found most resource deposits i mine deeper below to yield excessive amounts of items that even the new storage silos are not large enough to store them all. on the other hand there is barely any resource sinks later on, making this all just feel like spam (uncollected resources might also impact game performance negatively).
  2. Killtech

    QoL better crane

    yeah, the crane is pretty useless right now - sadly. i agree it direly needs some rebalancing. Tab: cycle between seats is not a good apporach. since WASD keys do nothing in the crane seat it should be change to additionally work as a driver seat - there is no controls collision as far as i can see it. besides, this is even how real excavators are controlled - crane and vehicle controls are handled from the same seat. Range: yeah, it's annoying that the terrain tools even has more range. the crane needs a buff in this departament. on the other hand the terrain tool could use a nerf, maybe just by adding a new range-mod which when installed extends the range to the current level - while the stock tool would have noticeably less rage. another mod also means more slot occupied. so you couldn't combine boost + wide + drill 3 mods with the range mod at the same time. suddenly we would have meaningful choice in the tools mod setup. Anyhow, made a suggestion for the crane not so long ago: Oh, and if you want to have a more interesting gameplay, try to play with one rule: never research any drill mods for the terrain tool. that makes later gameplay quite a bit more interesting because you will often find yourself in a situation where resources you want to mine are on hard terrain. in such a situation the crane suddenly becomes a very useful tool.
  3. Killtech

    Research Pods

    hmm, finding and collecting all the research seems like a worthy goal for the end game. it gives far more reason to explore each single cave and surface biome of every planet and is perhaps more engaging that unlocking all the gates and planet cores - which at a point becomes very straight forward.
  4. The longer i play Astroneer the more i noticed that there there are many details which seriously impact the long term fun of this game. Especially in the late game gameplay becomes overly simplified up to the point of even somewhat boring and grindy. one such mark is when reasearch becomes irrelevant (i.e. you collected more then enough), another is when drill mods for the terrain tools are available and you don't have to care about terrain hardness at all and finally when RTGs are unlocked rendering all power management obsolete. Then there is also the insight that cranes - while a very cool concept - are practically meaningless as they are far inferior to the terrain tool and have no other uses as of yet. same goes for the winch (good thing i checked spelling... wrote it with an 'e' initially). Is this just me or do you Astroneers feel the same? How do you play in the late game when all stuff is reasearched? Did anyone of you ever used a crane or even something more common like the medium generator? I have made some further thoughts/possibilities on how to remedy the situation here, in case anyone is interested:
  5. Killtech

    Basic Crane Automation

    hold on right there. How do you come up with that conclusion? in my game i have build one, tried to use it once and since then it stands around somewhere catching dust. the truth is that it would be a very cool thing but practically it is far inferior in every purpose - and right now that's just drilling: the hand held tool has more range, can use mods (thus is significantly faster with a bigger reticle), is more flexible to use (u can move around unrestricted), can use the same drill mods for hard rocks and it can also create terrain. i've made a topic about this problem here: but yeah, adding more usage to the crane would help it immensly to become relevant. a grabber is a nice idea but could prove difficult to implement and might need some complex control schema to make it do specific tasks. i had a few simpler ideas in my thread, like an attachment to use it as a manlift.
  6. Killtech

    Gameplay idea Map System

    i had a similar idea some time ago:
  7. yeah i have the same issue with the current controls. for larger rovers with trailers i often have to move the camera into a terrible position inside the vehicle in order to drill upwards - so i can't see anything. it would be great if there was at least a keyboard alternative for this.
  8. Killtech

    Large gen

    But why? No one would ever realistically build it (other then for fun). batteries + wind/solar setups would be far superior as they don't consume any resource (no micro needed) and yet yield all the power one needs. and then there is also the RTG which renders all other power buildings obsolete due to how terribly unbalanced these are. don't forget there is also the medium generator which uses a simpler but similar mechanic to your idea and which i never even build because there was no situation where i had any need for it. perhaps maybe if there was a motivation to build underground bases in places where wind is also very limited such kind of buildings would make sense from a gameplay perspective. but as of now they simply don't (which is a pity but that's how things are). lastly there is the bigger issue that we don't even have enough stuff that consumes that much power except maybe for the gateway unlocks. i found power problems are only an issue in the early game mostly because research is actually a constant power consumer there and batteries are not yet available. but at the point batteries become available collecting research bytes is nothing more then a habit rather then a necessity i.e. not a relevant factor for your power economy. large power buildings are usually unlocked even after that so they have to bring a big advantage considering they require more space and are thus less flexible to move around. and i don't see any apparent advantages in your suggestion. i'm not against large power buildings in general but i think they need to make sense gameplay wise first.
  9. Killtech


    ehm... that is already possible. several of my rovers use that configuration. only issue is that the seat is attached a little weirdly - i.e. the driver is laying rather then sitting (cockpit it facing upwards rather then in the forward direction)... but hey, that's just details.
  10. Killtech

    Special end game item storage

    Yeah, admittedly it is difficult to put it in words but i guess that it would feel much more intuitive in the game. you would get a larger building with space for two screens, one showing the item type, the other the count. if the building made a characteristic sound whenever an item is stored and the count visibly went up most would intuitively understand what happened. trying to store the wrong item type however would require an corresponding feedback to make it clear for everyone. as for the output there would be nothing to explain: as long as the storage isn't empty there is always one item in the output slot. whenever it is removed another plops up in its place with a characteristic sound while the counter decreases. the restriction to one item type is due to two reasons: for one it allows a very straight forward withdrawal mechanics with a single slot needed for the output. it also make it easy to display the content of a pocket dimension storage since it is just the type and count that need to be visible. the other reason is balancing: one cannot put just one such storage on a rover and be done with it. this restriction would render this building mostly for use in the static base rather then on rovers. for those the preferred option still remained the classic simple storage options.
  11. As i played through Astroneer so far i have noticed that in the late gate phase there is a problem with overflow of resources - even if i build large bases on every planet i hardly consume as much resources as i collect. many resource deposits are simply huge and yield far more stuff than is actually need. and even now with the addition of the silo storage i am still easily able to drill up more then i have room for (for example when going for the planet core or a gateway). From a technical point of view i also doubt that producing that many items (of which many are simply left in the landscape) is good for the game performance. A solution would be a special end game storage (pocket dimension storage) with only two slots (input and output). unlike any other storage however it would store items internally (invisible, no actual game objects, just an internal number - thus no impact on game performance). it would of course come with a major drawback: each such storage could only store items of a single type. so if you want to store compound and resin you would need two of those. therefore it would only need one input and one output slot to withdrew items - one an empty storage collects an item its input slot would simply not accept anything other then items of the same type. another potential drawback could be that storing and withdrawing items could require energy. this isn't really needed to balance the storage itself but rather due to the fact that in the late game we have a lot of power production but very little stuff that actually consumes it.
  12. I have played Astroneer quite a bit for now and while it is great fun to play i noticed that there are several factors that make long term playing feel rather grindy and repetative. I could go the easy way and say it's just the lack of content to spend that much time on the game but i realized that there is actually enough stuff in the game already but it simply is balaced badly - as a consequence a lot of items become obsolete. Mining: The crane: a great feature but ultimately makes no sense to ever build. it gives no advantage to drilling speed of hard rocks over the terrain tool - since it now has drill mods and can use a boost mod on top of that. it also has less range and is immobile while the player can change position easily with the terrain tool. given all the mods that the terrain tool can use and therefore how overpowered it has become difficult to bring the crane back to the game. i wished the devs would make a hard-mode where it's significantly nerfed just so a buffed crane (increased range, allow to use mods) would be the ultimate late game terraforming tool. however the crate would need one important new feature: it should additionally work like a vehicle cockpit so one can drill and drive at the same time. Another cool potential feature could be to give the crane a new attachment to use it as a manlift! when Astroneer was released i was really happy when i realized they introduced different terrain resistances/hardness. but in reality i could research the drill mods relatively quickly and then this new mechanic became completely irrelevant - especially because by the time i had to dig through hard rocks i already was equipped for it. i have to admit for a non-creative playthrough i really dislike the drill mods for the terrain tool and i do not see much ways to fix it. Well, perhaps the least they could do is to massively increase their research costs, especially for the higher tiers. maybe even make the research entirely hidden at the start of the game and make it only researchable trough finding it in a EXO research aids in the right biomes. perhaps another fix could to add a drawback by making it to require some fuel to drill through hard rocks - considering its not even really drilling but remotely sucking up the terrain (i.e. one could argue it needs to be soften up the rocks with something first). and there is also dynamite. it exists but has no reason to - from a gameplay perspective. for one, it cannot be used for mining (it just destroys resources) - and even if it didn't it would be again far inferior to the terrain tool. that's a pity because it would be fun if the game made it such that this would be the preferred way to mine some resources to add more variety to resource acquisition. Then however it would need to be made easier available as the resources required (sulfur) to craft explosives are too difficult to really bother.
  13. I have played Astroneer quite a bit for now and while it is great fun to play i noticed that there are several factors that make long term playing feel rather grindy and repetative. I could go the easy way and say it's just the lack of content to spend that much time on the game but i realized that there is actually enough stuff in the game already but it simply is balaced badly - as a consequence a lot of items become obsolete. Power: Here the RTG is a big problem. in late game it makes power management obsolete and robs the game of an fun game mechanic: solar, wind, generators and batteries suddenly become all obsolete - effectively these are 4 small, 4 medium and 1 large building that have no use. sure the RTG is supposed to be an expensive late game achievement but in my gameplay Atrox was the 3rd planet i landed on and the first one i unlocked (it made the most sense due to resources). but now unlocking everything else feels trivial and repetitive. yet it doesn't have to be this way: as it is the medium RTG beats all other medium power sources - that's bad. if it was made to be a large building however (like the large solar) with the same power output it would still be great for bases as an infinite power source but it would be difficult to transport - a big trait of all medium buildings. there should still be a (cheaper?) medium version however with significantly less output (25% of the current - exactly enough to power a large rover) that would be inferior to alternatives in raw output but an unconditional and indefinite power source. Another issue is the (medium) Generator: i never build a single one of those. i think their niche should by to provide the highest energy output of all the alternatives (including the battery) as its also the most work intensive power producer for the player. currently there is indeed only limited use for such a building profile however apart from unlocking gateways - but that would still suffice to give it a right to exist.
  14. A few days ago i purchased Astroneer and played it for the first time. It is indeed a little gem that i very much enjoyed playing. the inventory and resource management is quite unique and it works very well after getting used to it. there are a few points though where i see room for improvement: Navigation: i found it's easy to get lost on longer journeys (with vehicles) and i think it would help to add a few tools to mitigate this, like GPS locator with satellites (need to launch one first) enabling a top down map view. and perhaps another beacon type that allows linking with others over large distances (like tethers) for underground with the ability to give them a name (or mark them in another way) such that one can connect to the beacon network and switch it to a mode where all beacons show the nearest way towards a searched beacon along the networks connections. Progression: its great to have a steady progression but i fond it to be a little too linear with little alternatives. especially early on i felt like there is only one way to progress leaving me not much options as what to do next. that is a little too restrictive. on the other hand once iron becomes available unlocking the chemical factory and shredder/trading post can be build is available suddenly everything becomes available at once. and at that point the sudden increase in material types of which most have no direct or a single blueprint using them only - it is spam to some extend. Research: it's a nice feature but it's quickly over making the many samples having no use once everything is researched. and that is not intuitive because landing on new planets the research samples from there have sadly no further use. therefore i'd suggest to have additional "local" bytes about the location one the research station was build in. those could be used for geological surveys giving local biome for resource types (which would require resources placement, frequency and deposit size different through the various biomes), enabling use of special equipment to easier locate specified resources in the surveyed biome. some planets/biome should come with unique hazards and there should be "local" only blueprints that help against those hazards. researching special debris could also highlight (or spawn; could be completely buried) special wreckage with great loot. Resources: resource acquisition is definitively a fun factor as it changes with progression but on the long term it could use more variety: for one resources in hard rock shouldn't be specific to the resource type only (like lithium) but rather depend on the biome & planet & biome - that way some resources could be placed in the starting location yet be unavailable/scarcely-available without higher tech. mining with dynamite should also be possible and even required for some resources to add to the mix: maybe this would produce large rocks that do not fit into the inventory and thus need a different transportation method. generally for some resources there could be different sources of how to get them: e.g. from two different minerals, one rare and through smelting, one more frequent but requires chem lab. another thing is deposit locations: as high mountain tops offer a little gameplay challenge to get up there some planets might contain some resources only there. Planets, Hazards & Oxygen: it is great to discover new planets but after being on most of them i find all planets are still quite similar (especially underground) apart from their look and resource distribution. it would definitively help to have more planet/biome specific hazards like on the Arid planet and it shouldn't be restricted to the surface. for example on a planet close to the sun daylight can be too hot to survive on the surface. in some caverns corrosive gasses might present an interesting hazard requiring special protection (and therefore more progression) - so atmospheric composition could perhaps differ between surface and caves? that said oxygen should be part of the atmosphere and O2 system should differ on each planet accordingly. on earthlike air filters should last infinity and be enough to breath on the surface, requiring tethers only for caves. then there should be different types of O2 production: air pumps (require oxygen in the air) and generators (even using resources?). note: currently there is also an exploit: a large platform provides oxygen and can be moved by via mouse effectively allowing for infinite wandering without tethers (and to transport a lot of stuff along, like large research samples and mounted storage. very powerful early on). The winch: a great feature but not useful when it becomes available. gameplay would definitively be enriched if it could be better integrated. if there was a small variant that would be available around the same tech level as the small buggy it could be used to haul large research items. it could also see action against hazards: combined with some other lure item it could be used like a fishing rod against sandworms (who knows what valuables they might have eaten). power generators: there should be an upgrade in the later game that makes them turn on an off depending in the needed energy, conserving resources. that would make them more useful and encourage me to build them. i am very excited about February release and hope the game will be extended further on with DLC. actually i wish there was more stuff i could buy to support the game and its continued development further.