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  1. I would like Medium canisters for Mining Materials. One for each mining resource type, fills up like soil with the matching colour. If you switch it to deposit, it will suck up any raw material matching its type. If they also auto-suck up resources it could make unloading backpacks and cargo easier. If you set it to withdraw it creates one "resource" of that type on its exit nozzle. I think produced materials (chemistry or smelting) should not have canisters - This would change the way we factor treat raw minerals and processing - gives us storage but makes us think more
  2. The power usage of the Terrain Tool has changed since I last played. When terrain tool is active and draining power, its not actively replenishing power from the tethers/buildings as it was previously. You have to stop the tool to regain power. This felt crippling... Im trying to make a flat soccer field, I was so frustrated.
  3. Alien devices added in 1.0 Equator... when your in orbit, South pole is far left, North pole is far right The equator is your orbit path... you will notice the alien devices from there.
  4. Tip: To navigate a planet easy if you plan to go offroading with a tractor-trailer. I establish a "North Road" When you mouse over your character you get a compass. From your established base travel to the North Pole and leave a path of beacons. From an Equitor Alien Gate it takes about 3 or 4 beacons to map a path (1 quartz each = one bottle of soil in centrifuge)... this way if you ever get lost. You can go to the North pole, and then follow your beacons back to base.
  5. Objectives: Travel to your first planet, and survive with the tools you bring. Travel: Small Shuttle, Solid Fuel Thrusters Power: Medium Solar, Medium Wind. Equipment: Oxygenator, Medium Printer, Soil Centrifuge (limitless resin, compound, quartz, ceramic, graphite), Smelter (processing metals ore) (Since your taking a medium printer, sometimes taking just the mats for Soil Centrifuge and Smelter takes less space). Base: Platforms - Medium are easy to transport. Large Platform B is most effecient. At least 2 mediums, 1 for oxygenator and 1 equipment (you can swap eq
  6. For the base build I was thinking about a "Lighting Balloon" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balloon_light An inflatable balloon that serves as a light source by diffusing light over a large area. Printed as a "Medium" base component with 2 socket. (Suggested materials: Plastic, Copper, Lithium). It appears as an open box with a deflated balloon inside it, a socket on the front of the box accepts a Helium canister and it takes 1 charge to inflate. It will deflate when moved. Can not work on vehicles. Applying power (small amount <0.5 amps) and switching it "On" will illuminate a lar
  7. Agreed, a small HUD compass in the top header of the screen would be great.
  8. Just a few hours ago I was on Glacio, it has some really huge clusters on the surface and you just dig down and carve a wide pit and get it all. I have been farming there its easy to spot against the white surface... but yeah you do sometimes have to wander a bit.
  9. So thats why you were asking whats sticky? Brilliant thought process... glad shuttles don't heat up on re-entry! But I don't see a reason I need to take dynamite to a new planet (its more a way to get rid of junk (I just dig a hole and bury stuff) and graphite is a bottle of dirt.
  10. Is your research chamber on a platform and powered?
  11. Platforms can stick to walls or roofs. That includes small items that have their own base plugs like work lights, small solar, small wind, small generator, tethers and extenders. (but will fall off if you use the terrain tool on the surface they are sticking too)
  12. Make a road of beacon or tethers from your base to the North Pole... when you get lost, go North and then follow your road back.
  13. Instead of a new vehicle, I would suggest a Drill Head that acts like similar Alignment mod. That could be attached to either the crane... or front of the tractor or rover that points just in front of the vehicle.
  14. Most people make the mistake of thinking its a portable "BACKPACK" oxygenator... its meant to be put onto a vehicle. If you run it off a tractor or rover with an RTG (4A perpetual power supply)... hook them both up and the vehicle lights up with the thin blue oxygen line, its a beauty. You can run tethers off the vehicle directly anywhere you go and the tethers supply both oxygen and power.. That makes your vehicle a mobile base platform. If they didn't nerf the Large Rover limit to 2 combined, I would be a mobile city that rivals Omega Supreme! Best trick: Tractor + 2 Trailers