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  1. Dirtyshadow

    Can one still mine ammonium?

    Just a few hours ago I was on Glacio, it has some really huge clusters on the surface and you just dig down and carve a wide pit and get it all. I have been farming there its easy to spot against the white surface... but yeah you do sometimes have to wander a bit.
  2. Dirtyshadow

    How to at least double your cargo?

    So thats why you were asking whats sticky? Brilliant thought process... glad shuttles don't heat up on re-entry! But I don't see a reason I need to take dynamite to a new planet (its more a way to get rid of junk (I just dig a hole and bury stuff) and graphite is a bottle of dirt.
  3. Dirtyshadow

    Astronium not researchable?

    Is your research chamber on a platform and powered?
  4. Dirtyshadow

    How many resources stick (to something else)?

    Platforms can stick to walls or roofs. That includes small items that have their own base plugs like work lights, small solar, small wind, small generator, tethers and extenders. (but will fall off if you use the terrain tool on the surface they are sticking too)
  5. Dirtyshadow

    Make distant beacons visible on the horizon

    Also, can the clouds not block the view of the beacons plz
  6. Dirtyshadow

    Base Locator?

    Make a road of beacon or tethers from your base to the North Pole... when you get lost, go North and then follow your road back.
  7. Dirtyshadow

    New machine for creating a flat surface

    Instead of a new vehicle, I would suggest a Drill Head that acts like similar Alignment mod. That could be attached to either the crane... or front of the tractor or rover that points just in front of the vehicle.
  8. Dirtyshadow

    i question the validity of the portable oxygenator

    Most people make the mistake of thinking its a portable "BACKPACK" oxygenator... its meant to be put onto a vehicle. If you run it off a tractor or rover with an RTG (4A perpetual power supply)... hook them both up and the vehicle lights up with the thin blue oxygen line, its a beauty. You can run tethers off the vehicle directly anywhere you go and the tethers supply both oxygen and power.. That makes your vehicle a mobile base platform. If they didn't nerf the Large Rover limit to 2 combined, I would be a mobile city that rivals Omega Supreme! Best trick: Tractor + 2 Trailers + Drill 3 + RTG + Portable Oxygenator = Express elevator to the core. 10 minutes dead flat
  9. Ummm... He would be in another universe if he stepped in the Purple Circle... but at the last moment another unrelated rift opens and without reason or story the Astroneer picks the OTHER DOOR he didn't spend the countless hours TRYING TO OPEN!!!! (I say countless cause I am not looking at my steam played). The moment it tried to explained something deux ex mcguffin created a rift in the universe and your dumbass went in. You can't spend that many hours chasing down a rabbit hole, well 9 holes, to not get an ending to a story or chapter here. An answer to one question. A missed opportunity to sprinkle lore or story at the end of each core, a puzzle, something... cause purple portal was obvious the second you saw the platform, white rift was a huge dump on any agency you had, or any sense of completion. Yes, I stated those, but a big finish needs a big reward, not the same reward you got for every other planet too. I like shiney new toys, gizmos, gadgets, another tier of alien crafting, something you can proudly use and say I EARNED THIS!... it just felt like such an empty ending, a missed opportunity for a big finale and a big reward. Just one piece of alien technology...
  10. OPTIONAL. Depends on the player you are is if it is a Yes or No activity. You only need to activate one surface node on a planet to drop the cores forcefield. However all that mcguffin is OPTIONAL, its a completionist pursuit that has no bearing on the game but giving you teleport access that takes way much time to unlock. So the convenience may not be worth the time spent... cause I got a spaceship Unlocking each planet core gives you achievement, a suit, colour option, dance emote. You should do it at least once, cause Astronium at the core is great research earnings for Bytes. You can leave the rest until endgame if you don't want the fluff then you can go kamikaze with a Drill 3 Tractor + RTG + Portable Oxygenator combo, surface to the core in 10-15 minutes if you don't glitch or die
  11. Dirtyshadow

    How do I...?

    As answered before beacons is one option. But you can end up littering the planet with those if you like to go touring The best option is to make a road (beacons or tethers) from your base to the North Pole (and/or South Pole). This will mean you can always find the Pole by following the compass, then follow your road (beacons or tethers) back to your base.
  12. 1. Trailers don't have their own all-wheel drives like a buggy... they are dragged on the plus side they don't lose power by adding more trailers, which is what a trailer is, there is only so much a small engine can take. 2. Limit was set by developers, the longer trains would jack knife and clip also launch themselves into the air due to undulating terrain. You can see it get pretty bad with maximum trailers. The limit also imposes you to upgrade to a rover. 3. You can use the Medium Storage. Thats 8 small slots per trailer... 24 storage. My one issue with the Tractor is the drill materials don't go Medium storage if slotted, like it does on a rover this needs to be bug fixed imo. My tractor poops rare materials I think the Tractor is already an Overpowered vehicle that in my opinion made the Medium Rover and the Moon Buggy obsolete... especially when you take one to the core in less than 10 minutes.
  13. No map, as planets are algorithm generated. On a planet with 6 nodes., 2 of the nodes are by compass the North and South pole. If you want to get your bearings... take a shuttle into orbit and you will see they are evenly spaced along the equator. (south pole is left, north pole is right, shuttle orbit is equatorial)
  14. I will try not to spoil the ending here, but I have to mention... I am deeply disappointed in mysteries that end with mysteries and no answers 🤬 While the ending unlocks the Skin and Colours, it does not unlock anything substantial for the player. Especially when you consider the long task of powering nodes, resourcing cores for all the planets. I gave that girl a diamond, I expect better I would therefore like to suggest items you unlock for completing such a monument task in game. Feel free to suggest your own... be it from silly to game changing. I just think it needs something more. Maybe they can be delivered as an alien pod landing at Sylva first base, or unlocks as a astronium crafting pattern in the tablet (alien hackers tada!), or the satellite has a dispenser/printer of its own. Passive: All Inactive Nodes will now power up fully and active if you stand near them A fabricator for Zebra Balls. An Alien working light that looks like a purple orb, but illuminates a larger area, doesn't require backpack power to stay on. An alien oxygenerator, that changes all the blue lines to glowing purple. A backpack carrying "Hearthstone" that when used teleports you from wherever you are to the satellite. A deployable teleport pad. Options of what they can do can vary On Use: Teleport to the Alien Satellite (this option can be deployed multiple locations if its One Way only) Return Teleport... Using any alien teleport will have an alien icon for your teleport (this would limit you to be only able to make one using the current UI by adding one icon) An Alien Engine for your shuttle. No longer requires fuel. (If I got access to free interplanetary teleportation, why not free space travel) Just felt like I needed a more substantial reward.
  15. The option for Retrosuit is not available to me in the suit list for when I first started playing... weirdly it finally appeared after the 4th time I restarted the game? Not sure what caused this error, or its ommission for a while!