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  1. BarnBurner

    There is a possible copyright issue here.

    Exactly, it makes me so mad man.
  2. BarnBurner

    There is a possible copyright issue here.

    I hate it when developers do this, they didn't put the time and effort into making a game and they just rip it off and make money off of it.
  3. BarnBurner

    I'm stuck on another planet what do I do

    You can sometimes find buried solid state thrusters, that would most likely be your best bet to escape.
  4. BarnBurner

    Can't Remove Smelter From Platform

    Yep, once you build something it's permanently on there. No way to take it off.
  5. BarnBurner

    There is a possible copyright issue here.

    System Era didn't make this game so this is a MASSIVE copyright issue, I can't believe someone would do that!
  6. BarnBurner

    How do I...?

    You might not have mined it out fully, if there is still some terrain touching it then you won't be able to pick it up.
  7. BarnBurner

    Space Stations

    Asteroid mining would be amazing, being able to go from asteroid to asteroid to get resources and making space a more necessary thing even more than it already is. And making spaceships bigger and allowing easier base building on other planets!
  8. BarnBurner

    Space Stations

    Yes that would be awesome!
  9. BarnBurner

    Spaceship landed sideways

    I landed the spaceship, and it landed sideways, it's a pretty great time.
  10. BarnBurner

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Gosh I can't wait for this game to be released, I'm so excited for what you guys are going to do with this game, I have a feeling this game will become one of the biggest survival games of all time!
  11. BarnBurner

    World Names in Astroneer

    I'd recommend putting this post into the suggestions and ideas forum.
  12. BarnBurner

    This is interesting

    I have also found laterite on the surface of the Teran planet, I don't think it's a glitch I think it is just super rare.
  13. BarnBurner

    Spaceship landed sideways

    I landed my spaceship and it landed itself sideways.
  14. BarnBurner

    Screenshots Megathread

    Arid planets have some awesome looking caves!