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    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    My two cents on Astroneer in general, and on the latest update. I love Astroneer. I bought two copies so I could play with my son, who loves it as much as I do. We both love it for the same reason. It's the exploration, and the sense of novelty that comes with it. He becomes almost giddy when he is able to research something new and then craft it. The alpha version has been quite playable. My only complaint is that the game frame rates are much slower than I anticipated on my son's machine. I've got a Ryzen5/GTX1060 system, so mine does ok, although even then sometimes it gets quite laggy. His machine is slower than mine, and although he's been pretty tolerant, I know he'd enjoy it better with better FPS. I've noticed that this gets worse with two things: total time spent in a particular world, and time in a given session. The second gets better if I exit to desktop and restart. The first only seems to get better by creating a new world. Things I would reallllly like to see in the future: 1) All the things on your list of future content on Trello! I love the idea of where you're headed. Water? Check! AI-driven fauna? Love it. Farming and automation? Awesome! 2) Creative mode: When you make this, I'd love a creative mode where game parameters are fully adjustable on world creation. Terrain smoothness, mountain presence and size, cave and tunnel sizes, clutter and vegetation prevalence, etc. If we're given tools to customize our worlds, think of the fun we'll have posting screenshots of the cool things we found! 2a) If a modicum of world-creation control were available to survival players, it might help people have more variety in their game play, or be used to reduce lag for players with older machines. 3) Mod support: My son and I have played Minecraft for YEARS because of the community for mods. I get that you're a small team, and new content is HARD. Let us help! 3) Difficulty levels: a slider on survival world creation that adjusts the world's resources and/or terrain (and/or fauna agressiveness!) to make it more or less challenging. 4) RAM slider: I don't know much about programming, but I do know that the game doesn't seem to use much RAM, even when I'm hosting multiplayer with my son. I've got plenty to spare, so if you'd let me select a greater amount to dedicate to the game, I'd happily do so. 5) Terrain tool mods: I love the ones I've got, but my OCD would really like to be able to build more straight structures. A terrain tool mod with a circular adjustment wheel that let me adjust the angle in, oh say 30 degree increments would be really cool. While you're doing all these awesome work, just please remember that frame rate issues destroy the game regardless of how much time and effort you've put into making all the rest of the cool content. I've got a friend at work who I convinced to buy a copy as well, and while he loves the game, his system is a little slower than my son's and he's kinda of frustrated with the FPS. Kudos: To whoever did the music and the sound effects, they are beyond awesome. They are an integral part of my enjoyment of this game. To the designers of the flora: I actually enjoyed dying over and over as I discovered all the inventive ways the plants have to kill you. Also, the balloon-plants in the test world scared the bejeezus out of me...probably because I was so conditioned to plants killing you. To the terrain designers: Being able to shape the terrain like clay is immensely satisfying. Thank you especially for solving the block-angst I developed while playing Minecraft. Keep up the good work!