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  1. OzZ

    some ideas for future game additions

    +1 to having ruins of ancient civilizations. maybe add a little lore aspect to it, could potentialy makes exploring more fun
  2. OzZ

    Base Building Ideas

    I have to agree that base damaged by hazards is an interesting proposition at least. But you have to take into consideration the focus of the game as it develops. Is it exploration or is it survival? Or is it both? If both what degree of exploration and survival should be implemented. From what I got from the devs is that they are leaning towards exploration with a few survival elements that won't go wrong in adding to the challenge. But base damaged by hazards can be frustrating in these regards
  3. that is if they implement a difficulty setting in the game. I would highly encourage this because some players don't like the long resource grinds, they just want to explore the game freely. while other players (like myself) enjoys this challenge because it allows focusing more on the different contents of the game other than exploring and makes it worthwhile my question is would a difficulty setting that removes oxygen and power resources spawning worthwhile?
  4. i think that its because the power cells provide you with more power per slot than a battery...so a battery is not necessarily an upgrade to power cells....also power cells are easier to craft requiring only compound which is more frequent so if you find yourself needing extra power and no power nearby you can craft a power cell for a temporary boost It's just that with the current content most of the time you are not going to need it, we just have to wait at this moment to see how content is developed
  5. they did say on the steam page that its going to be a 4 player online drop-in/drop out coop...so im not sure if this is close to what you've just written
  6. oh i completely understand that, its just that i think it gives more to upgrading your shuttle than just carrying more and having bigger fuel space
  7. it is a concern for OTHERS as well....look what's the point of paying 20$(maybe even more at release) on a game that you easily beat in the first 2 hours. You just said that you just want to explore, im with ya here we all should focus on exploring more...but...i know this is pre-alpha, but unless at release they make each and every planet entirely different...and i do mean ENTIRELY(meaning each planet has its own special resources, has its own terrain formation maybe not have caves but mountains or water, has its own unique hazards that each one you have to challenge in a way, has its own flaura and has its own distinct research) i dont think anyones gonna have fun exploring after landing on a planet since right now all the new things you get from new planets are the same things you find on you home planets caves but here they are on the surface (except coal titanium and lythium but meh...titanium and lithium can be gathered from research while coal doesnt really seem that useful) Dont get me wrong i do hope that every planet is distinct in its own way not just biome changes, but for right now fuel condenser gotta be reworked
  8. how about not being able to go to any planet at the start...you can only go to barren first and to get to the other planets you have to upgrade your shuttle or get a better ship (because the spaceship which is considered the upgrade of the shuttle has the only benefit of being bigger and stores more fuel) This can add more research to discover since you need the upgrades to get to other planets and adds challenges to exploration
  9. OzZ

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    yes i had the same issue when i visited every planet in one play session..at first i thought that maybe the tether are messing with my fps but once i removed them it still ran at 20 fps where at the start i got 60 fps...
  10. Interesting idea..I get the appeal of having the ability of terraforming a planet thus not requiring oxygen anymore but I can't find it appealing as an end goal because what benefit can you have from this end goal other then well no worry for oxygene and the feeling of "awesome I terraformed a planet" What I had in mind with the endgame building is a goal that motivates exploring and it can be a trade space station since what I've seen from about this game on the its steam page is this "astroneer is set during a 25th century gold rush where players must explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environements for the chance of striking it rich" so having to build a big trade station after you struck rich seems so fitting for an end goal...plus you get to build a SPACE STATION
  11. OzZ


    I would agree to this also being a possibility if they solve the condenser/trade combo
  12. Because Its not just that hydrazine is a cheap way to trade. A game with a purpose of exploring should place challenges on exploring and the fuel condenser only requiring power to pump out fuel breaks the challenge of exploring. And trying to find hydrazine is just another encouragement for you to explore and find more resource nodes. The satisfaction of being able to go to other planets greatly increases in this case
  13. Well how about this...like the idea where you can find resources in crashed ships maybe you also can find hydrazine fuel in said ships or resource deposits that you have to find if you didn't notice that your fuel is low
  14. maybe that is so...but why would you ever land on another planet unprepared or without knowing that you dont have enough fuel to get back
  15. OzZ


    well this is much better now that you put it in this respect...yes i like the idea that it should guzzle up a lot of power and you have to maintain it so that you dont fall to your death, the more power you have the higher you can go so power cells and batteries become much more needed