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    What Am I Missing? Can't Get Off Terran!

    Thanks mate, built it all, just about to lift off(with spare thruster)... wish me luck! 😀
  2. FragStorm

    What Am I Missing? Can't Get Off Terran!

    Ah! The missing piece I was looking for! Thanks 😀 So make an extra engine to get back? The small shuttle you make, you can re-use that to come back?
  3. Ok Astroneers I'm missing something here but don't know what? Been playing a few days and can't find Wolframite for Tungsten or Hematite for Iron which after I checked the Wiki aren't found on your main planet Terran but how can you get off your world to the other planets if you can't make a: Chemistry Lab(Wolframite) Atmospheric Condenser(Plastic, Hematite) Trade Platform(Hematite, Wolframite) Every of equipment you need to get off the planet is literally off the planet!? It's a catch 22... So I guess I'm missing something? Is it Discoveries? Will I find Wolframite and Hematite in a crashed ship? Pleae Help! Frag 😧
  4. FragStorm

    Tutorial Needs a Vast Improvement.

    Me again, sorry couldn't find the button to edit the original post /\ but just as an addition to it, it seems I'ts not just me that thinks the tutorial is confusing, here is a link to a YouTube streamer that's played many Astroneer hours and made a beginners tutorial because he thought the tutorial too hard and confusing: Don't have to watch the whole video but have a listen to what he's saying in the first minute, thanks, Frag.
  5. Hi, I've just bought the game, watched a few video's beforehand and it looks fantastic. I'm an absolute noob so much of an idea on how to play, even though I've watched a few video's! 'Seeing' and 'Doing' are 2 different things 😉 So anyway I dived into the tutorial to give me an idea but it seems very unintuitive especially for a noob like me! Why is everything broken in the tutorial? e.g. The Rover is broken and crashed into a tree, the Habitat next to the crashed rover is broken. The researcher thingy has a broken button so you cant research anything, can only finish off researching what was in there when you found it. Am I supposed to be fixing these broken things somehow? I'm not sure what I'm looking at either, different platforms have different things on them but if I look at them or try to interact with them the item name doesn't appear to tell me what that bit of equipment is. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Is there a 'turn equipment name tooltips on' option somewhere? Also there are some tethers that lead to a cave where there are some generators and a schematic thingy, took me a while to work out what everything there was and that I had to turn the generators on. No message saying that that is what you have to do, unless I missed it? Seems the tutorial is more like a puzzle than a tutorial? Also my backpack tool-tip thingy keeps telling me to print canisters? I've printed 3 now and it's still telling me to print canisters? Do I still need to print more or is it just telling me I CAN print canisters with the resources I have? There doesn't seem to be a step by step flow to the tutorial? I was expecting on screen messages saying "connect the tethers", "Make your way to the Habitat" etc. So really what I'm saying is... This is a complex game, I'm presuming most beginners like me will go straight to the tutorial only to be more confused while in there. Take it from an absolute beginner that the tutorial needs a vast improvement to be a bit more beginner friendly and more like a step by step tutorial that a puzzle. This needs to be taken out of the 'NON-ESSENTIAL FEATURE' bit and placed in the 'HIGH PRIORITY' bit as this is the first interaction a majority of beginners get with the game and if it's unintuitive and confusing then a few might be put off and I know by that stage they've already bought the game and money has been made but I'm guessing you'd rather keep them playing and get positive feedback than lose them and get negative feedback? Hopefully you'll take on board some of my comments, If it's just me then my bad, I will definitely still keep on playing and learning, thanks for reading, Frag 😊