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  1. Summary: Changing keybind is buggy with vehicle. Changing windows keyboard from AZERTY to QWERTY is buggy with building rotations. Description: After changing my key bindings to match AZERTY keyboard, the vehicle won't move forward at all. Like if changing the keybind to move forward doesn't affect the vehicle binding. I changed A to Q, but this one seems to works (the wheels are turning according to the key pressed) Moving the character after changing keybind si working great. On the same binding problem, I notice that changing my keyboard to QWERTY to make the vehicle wroking, the Z and X key (to rotate buildings) are not working, I have to rebind them (with the same keys) Platform: Steam Version: Specifications: OS : Win 10 1809 - French (main language) and Azerty keyboard (main keyboard) - Build 17763.134 CPU : i7 8700k GPU : GTX 970 RAM : 16GB 2666MHz Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200 - 3 To
  2. Summary: The settings are not saved permanently Description: I change the settings (controls, audio, etc.) and it works. if I close the game and lauch it again, all my modified settings are gone and I'm back default settings. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: I don't know where to search for the exact build number. version number is : Specifications: OS: Win10 1809 CPU: i7 8700k GPU: GTX 970 RAM: 16GB 2666MHz Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200 - 3 To
  3. Seems like it happens when you too many tethers connected. try to move some to disconnet a whole part from the network and if you disconnect enough it should be good. Happened to me and my friends and I saw this kind of exaplanation on a steam thread. And that did the trick for me. it could be good if there was a "tether menu" where you could disconnect it, instead of moving it (in the case this bug is hard to fix.)