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  1. Hi, Similar to the space trade station (the actual name escapes me), it'd be great to be able to send resources from 1 base to another. To make it less abusive, probably with a system like this: limit the usablility travel cost (eg. fuel and/or coal consumption) limit the number of such station in proportion to the planet size limit of 1 each planet each station has 2 slots probes built separately in 2 sizes 1 slot probe has eg. 2 space to carry, on different sides (so it can't carry anything which would take 2 spots by itself) 2 slot probe has 4, or 6 (8 might be too much) and it is possible to send things with 2 slot spce a probe must be on a station but it is not necessary to build one this way successive transactions are limited, it is still vital to actually travel I never tried the multiplayer mode so I don't know whether you start at the same place or not, but probably it'd be interesting to start on different planets, with possibly different rare/uncommon resources
  2. Hi, I find it hard and inconvenient to find my bases. Especially if I have multiple on one planet. A simple solution could be to make a list of the existing habitats (possibly only if it's in the vicinity of a landing point, or pair with the closest one). Even better if it'd be possible to name them.
  3. I'm playing via steam, window mode (which is apparently was more stable by the way). keyboard + mouse, windows 7 Upon arriving on a new planet I extended my pipeline from my spaceship and built a new base. After leaving the planet again (without removing the pipeline), it remained connected even after I built yet another base on a different planet. It even charged my things on the new planet.
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I had a similar problem: After revisiting my first base, I had found most of my stuff intact, however I definitely missed my vehicle and probably some of my resources. As for my vehicle, after this during the space travel screen I can see 2 vehicles (with it's markers) in the space and some tiny thing around the one which I believe is my truck. Edit: I'm playing via steam, window mode, keyboard + mouse, windows 7