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  1. On November 23rd, I went to collect my batteries to charge my soil centrifuge on the moon and I got launched from the planet, falling to my death.
  2. On Windows 10 using Steam I have encountered the error that when I am using my flatten terrain tool, the cursor will suddenly jump around but if I let go of control the cursor will stop jumping and move smoothly from side to side. This does not seem to occur with the adding or subtracting terrain tools. I cannot seem to smoothly make any area flat without having large sections either too high or too low because of the jumping unless I use another tool to change the terrain leveling. I also experienced during my last session, getting out of my medium rover in a cave (with large clearance above and next to my rover) and being launched through the cave wall to another section of the cave. Unable to return to my rover, I ran for the closest exit to the cave system to find myself having been sent to the complete opposite side of a very large mountain range.