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  1. Playing the current steam version (I have no clue what that is mind). ((Edit: Lunar Update)) Was packing up my base to move it to a nice flat area. Packing up the research center (6 research chambers), some of which had research samples loaded but not actually being researched (not started), I miss-placed a packager onto a research sample rather than the chamber. It packed up fine (the sample), leaving it on the un-powered but still functional chamber... For reasons that escape me I tried to research this packed research sample. Bear in mind that if I'd placed the sample pre-packed onto the chamber I'd have no option to do that. The UI for the chamber showed the correct b/m, bytes total, etc but when I clicked the start button the game crashed with no errors (or logs apparently). https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=VqDu17WUWxk&feature=share - Brief video showing the above. System: Amd Ryzen 1600, 16Gb RAM, 1060 6Gb GPU, Win 10.
  2. Was using a Large Rover with a drill on the front. I found a Zebra ball and decided to use it on the front of the Rover for it's light. When I went to turn the drill on the game crashed. When I loaded back in I tried again (just to see) and the game crashed again. (I don't appear to have any logs (crash or otherwise) in the logs folder.)
  3. Apart from the OS I have a very similar system and am having the same issue (though it can be hours into a game before it happens (during a 6 hour stream today it happened twice)). I'm using Windows 10.
  4. I have no logs (none present in the logs folder (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Logs) (If I'm looking in the wrong place sorry.) 1st Time I was playing (while streaming) I forget precisely what I was doing at the time just driving around the world I think and the game hung for a couple of seconds then crashed to desktop. (Didn't write it down report it at the time due to being busy streaming...) 2nd Time I was digging out my rover (large train) that had become stuck and the game hung, still had audio but no movement and had to kill with Task Manager. Steam under Win 10 (Build 18356.19h_1.release.190308-1607 (Insider program)). Ryzen 1600, 16Gb, GTX1060 6Gb.
  5. I'm not disagreeing with you, but all that could be done via balancing what we already have. How is having a large battery going to make the game better? If it doesn't cost more than the medium it's not balanced, if it costs much more than the medium the RTG will still likely be better. Nanocarbon while annoying to make once you have the ability to do so isn't terribly hard. Rebalancing the whole of the power generation storage system would be the way round that. Either make the RTG significantly more expensive or massively reduce it's output. Then balance Medium storage to being 9x whatever the same physical space of smalls can produce/store. But that still doesn't make the case for a large battery... You'd have to see how the new rebalanced system worked before knowing if it was even needed.
  6. You can carry an additional 8 in a medium storage. You can also build vehicles that would progressively increase how much you can a carry which you're likely to have long before you meet the material costs of drones. And bearing in mind that the game uses a semi-realistic setting for the mechanical aspects of the game (vehicles, machinery, etc) I very much doubt we'll see a electrically operated flying drone which for sake of argument wouldn't work on Desolo (no atmosphere) at the very least. If/when we get automation I could see trains or vehicles following pre-built roadways and dropping/collecting resources at specific points.
  7. The old method for using extenders was that if you had them in your backpack they'd automagically get placed when you reached the extent of your cable/plug. I'm unsure why that was removed but I hope that it is re-added at some point. The new method isn't terribly enjoyable to use. I don't think that using extenders to "transmit" resources is a good idea though. I'd much prefer a better solution. Largely as while it would be a way to use extenders up late game when they're generally no longer needed, with the game as it is now it's hard to see how you'd prevent them from being used early game - they'd be too powerful. Something like the robot arms like those in Factorio would fit the setting far better. And could be produced from the Research/Crafting standpoint for a specific cost or their own. Requiring a specific recipe and/or byte cost to make them easier to balance in the early game.
  8. Sometimes the large rover trailers seem to have their wheels locked. I have found that sometimes by putting a seat on the trailers and either driving from them or detaching them entirely and driving them a bit the whole train functions better. However I agree with both traction (isn't that the same as grip?) and torque being improved. The suspension could do with being extended a little too, getting hung up on tiny folds in the terrain is annoying too...
  9. Perhaps for building all objects, but actually unlocking them all isn't exactly difficult.
  10. They're going to attempt to fix tethers on Tuesday...
  11. Nearly always near the core you can find Graphite, repack the rover. If you've unlocked the core anyway you could also die and come back from the surface with some graphite to pack/place. It is super annoying (had it happen to me) but completely recoverable from.
  12. Would prefer a fast option to spit my inventory out onto a medium storage rather than the floor. t is very seldom that I only have resources in my backpack and I'm not especially keen on dropping my tool mods, beacon, tethers, etc just because I picked up a few extra compounds...