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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Noticed that if I enter a vehicle while I have the terrain tool out 99% of the time the vehicle is unresponsive. If I enter with the tool stowed the vehicle is drivable...
  2. I have 3 screens, playing the game in fullscreen windowed and am not having this issue. Though occasionally I get the cursor on the wrong screen.
  3. lost.ninja

    Landmarks - New Planet Design Idea

    When I first found a Big Purple that is what I thought it was... just a landmark... in a way I wish it was.
  4. lost.ninja

    Improved Trading System

    The problem with this is it would need a lot of balancing, and because resource acquisition is semi random (based on what spawns where, and what you can find). If you base it around what is sold (really only useful within a MP system) you can balance fairly accurately. Within a SP world though if you for sake of argument make Astronium worth 300AC based on how difficult it is to get then someone who finds a huge amount early on will feel the game is too easy. The Trade Station is currently Mid-Late Game, it's pretty much designed to allow the player to stop needing to go mining every few days (in game) so they can concentrate on building infrastructure to go off looking for and activating alien artefacts. By forcing the player to turn items into scrap it either pushing you toward a specific product chain (make to sell) or toward mobile resource reclamation (exploration). If they change the trade station to buy resources at a flat fee and the fees paid for things that are abundant, especially gasses or minerals that have few uses then you'd sell those and buy the hard to produce or time consuming minerals instead. With no need to go anywhere but your main base, you can gather whichever gas is abundant and sell that to buy everything else. Sounds like creative to me... Don't get me wrong a good implementation of a trading system that takes into account product availability, abundance and factors in how much is being sold would be a good thing to have... especially within a MP setting but I don't think that this game needs it certainly not for SP.
  5. lost.ninja

    Advanced Tether

    A slightly more expensive version of the tether, that once placed becomes totally unmovable (within the normal constraints of not deforming the terrain), cannot be knocked over/down. Has a slightly thicker tube model, sits closer to the ground. Similar spacing between nodes but can transport more power (still only to the player ofc). Works with existing tether networks but when conventional and advanced tethers are used together that power transfer is limited to the lowest network. Cost wise I'd envisage Plastic/Rubber + Copper (Small Printer), but you get 20 tethers/slot. Looks wise I envision the top of the existing tethers married directly to the tiny tripod feet with no pole. Tube/Pipe/Cable part would be visually slightly thicker, and curve less between nodes/with wind. Placement would still be with the Tether Button (T) and original style tethers would take precedence if you have both in your inventory.
  6. lost.ninja

    Lock Button

    A button/keypress that when pressed while your cursor is over an object will lock that object to what it's sitting on, or if locked will unlock it. Basically sick of removing the various base machines from their platforms when I just want to pick up resources. If I could lock them down this wouldn't be an issue. The button could then be used as a positioning modifier for objects that cannot be locked so for sake of argument could be used on Medium Storages to open them out/close them.
  7. lost.ninja

    Toggle Medium Storage Position

    The "Use" button for the medium storage is the same as "pick up and carry button".
  8. lost.ninja

    Improve tether preview

    I'd really like to have a slightly different tether color (the pipe) when it's not connecting to the tether chain. And when it can connect to two different chains (vehicle being one structures the other) it shows both not just the nearest.
  9. lost.ninja

    Big Vehicle Concept (3D Model Concept)

    Needs articulation or will get stuck on anything other than fairly flat land. Cool concept though.
  10. lost.ninja

    Large rover seat snap point changes.

    I'd like to see that as an option for the single seat too.
  11. lost.ninja

    Improved Trading System

    Resources should be priced based on their usefulness/rarity... Astronium is not that difficult to find and has no use other than research so would probably not have any great value... I'd love to see this implemented as an actual economic model so what is sold often reduces in price and what is sold rarely increases...
  12. Feeding the Trade Platform isn't the main issue IMO, as you can shift+click/click scrap from your inventory directly onto the "ghost" scrap shapes. However when it returns it should dump cargo out if there is space to do so. Research being automate-able would IMO be OP with the way you can research so many things now. If it was still restricted to large objects it wouldn't be so bad, but 16 (2x Med Storage) Astronium(?) or Diamonds which you can then leave running while busy elsewhere (or even AFK), really would make the whole research as a resource pointless.
  13. lost.ninja

    Navigation, purple things, drill usage.

    Move base to closet Big Purple thing, write down (or memorise) which number the base is at.
  14. lost.ninja

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    For larger structures especially those that cannot be split apart, and for shuttles/rovers. Some method to cause them to self-destruct without damaging the surroundings (so not TNT) should ideally leave scrap parts for salvage but I could live without that... Mod management system, either directly binding tools mods to a key or have each tool slot bound to a key so you can toggle each on/off. Combine wide/narrow mods into a single mod that you can set the width from smaller than narrow to wider than wide. Remove batteries from Rovers replacing them with extra appropriate tier slots for Rover & Big Rover. Give buggy a built in small generator. The current built in batteries are in comparison to the small cell very weak IMO. When using hydra-zine thrusters on Rovers the thrusters should only thrust while you have the button held down. Allow use of attached modules while in Rovers (allow toggling on/off), especially for generators.
  15. Having also just had this issue I was going to suggest a more advanced lander that could do a transfer orbit (with associated fuel use). But a telescope would be nice instead/as well...