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  1. So basicaly when I start the game all sounds set to 0 for some reason, I tried to google it but looks like there is no solution I could find. Also when playing co-op with my friend, the game starts to be extremely buggy. Me and my friend were on the moon (or 2nd planet closest to the main planet) and there was this green texture coming through the cave and my screen and I was like wthell ? When I came out of the cave the main planet was weirdly split in to 4 peaces and the pieces were turned 180degree towards each other. I couldn't grab minerals from Soil Centrifuge but my friend could. My gathering tool (the gun) was not on my backpack and when I press E to equip it, it traveled like out of nowhere and the fps dropped at 5 fps at the moment. All sorts of texture bugs where I can see through.