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    Small shuttle landing bugged

    = my mind every time I see the shuttle
  2. [DK] The Mustard Cat

    Small shuttle landing bugged

    Edit: I'm playing on PC through Steam. Bought the game last week on -20% sale. I have not experienced a physical bug yet, the game runs smoothly.
  3. [DK] The Mustard Cat

    Small shuttle landing bugged

    Hello System Era Team! I was playing Astroneer here the other day with a friend. We spent like 6 hours on the same world and quickly discovered a bug with the Small Shuttle when we wanted to go space traveling. The problem occurs when you land a Small Shuttle. The thing is, when you first have printed a Small Shuttle you cannot move it. Then you launch it. When you then land on the home planet again it lands near the place you created it. In our case it landed on the side of our vehicle bay. This means it's blocking it. Well, not physically but optically blocking. We cannot move it so it stays there. All we can do is launch again and hope for a better landing spot next time. Of course we have gotten further and no longer need our Small Shuttles and therefore they're just there, floating mid-air, making our base look messy. Neither can it be removed nor moved. I have attached a photo in which the bug is displayed on the right side. Additionally: We had two and they land at the exact same place. This does not really do anything as they still work and we can still access both just fine, it's just a suggestion; maybe you should change that. It makes that part of the game look clumsy. Thank you for great game, can't wait till release.